Zenas Bellace
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Philadelphia, United States
Zenas Bellace
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Apr 10, 2020
Threshold Runner
A Free to Play Mobile Game
Zenas Bellace
published the game
Apr 10, 2020
Threshold Runner
A Free to Play Mobile Game
Zenas Bellace
published the game
Jul 30, 2019
A New Face for an Old Game Jam
Team Rock Blasters! (Golden Age of Sci-Fi Edition) is a 2v2 team game based on the arcade classic Asteroids. In Team Rock Blasters!, two teams of two players compete for points in a game of space rock blasting and space crystal harvesting action.
This is short notice but the Philly New Tech Meetup is having it's monthly meeting tonight where it's topic for the evening is Gaming (with a focus on Serious Games). This should be a good one for anyone working in Unity for clients on a variety of "non-game" projects. I should be there tonight. If you see me, say hi! :D
Philly New Tech Meetup #55 - October 2018 -- Gaming
Hey folks! Sorry I haven't posted any event and happenings lately. I've been super busy on other things and posting here unfortunately dropped down on my priority list. That said, if any of you all come across an Unity, Game Development, Tech Networking Event, don't be shy, go ahead and post it here. I've got a good handle on what's happening around the city but I'm by no means omnipotent about such things.

Also, don't be afraid to just share your stories about your Game Dev experiences here in Philly. I'd love to see more conversations going. If you've got a game in development or some process you'd like to share about Game Development with Unity, by all means, toss it on up on this group's discussion thread.


2 years ago
Hi Zenas, Helen Loeb back from CHOP. We worked together a couple of years ago. I would love to reconnect. Shoot me an email: Thanks! Helen
It’s that time of year again. MAGFest Indie Video Game Showcase submissions open next week: MIVS, in my opinion, (and MAGFest in general) is one of the best events to showcase your indie games on the East Coast. Not only do the MIVS organizers do a great job at providing indie devs with a great event for showcasing their games at MAGFest, it won't cost you your arms, legs, and first borns! If your game isn't ready to be showcased, you can also consider volunteering to be a part of the MIVS staff. Keep an eye out for Volunteer submissions.
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