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Los Angeles, United States
How do you all go about trying to hire programmers/engineers? How would I go about qualifying them? Asking as an artist trying to start a business. Thanks in advance!

Gokhan Sivrikaya
game developer
2 years ago
It's hard for an artist to qualify the knowledge of a technical person. Tests usually doesn't mean anything unless you are the one who prepare them and you are looking for some specific thing in those test. Best way is, talk with people and select a few that you think you can get along with. Then finish a really short project in really limited time with them or attend a game jam together or something you can make together. This way you can understand if you can work with them in a full scaled project and have an idea of their skills. If you want long lasting relationships, you have to spend energy and time to find proper people. Or you can hire a recruiter. But I personally just stay away from recruiters like a lot of my highly technical friends. Finding a decent recruiter is harder than finding a good programmer by your self :) Just watch for game jams and try to be social if you have time.
Kristin Dragos
Founder, VR Engineer & Content Creator
2 years ago
To get an idea of how they work, ask to see some samples or a portfolio of their work. You can also ask them to do a code sample if you want to go that far. Usually the portfolio should be enough to gauge what they have done and their experience. That said, there are some people that can't share the things they've done, but they should be able to talk at a high level about what it did/does, etc.
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