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Hello all, amaizing videos tutorials you are making. Am following all of it. But I have some questions I need your help
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1. Why only Unity 2018.4 can't I use Unity 2019.2?

2.The Video shows that the team is using Oculus Rift, Can't t I use Oculus Go?

Rachel Pohl
Education Partnership Manager
a year ago
Hello @AbdiHakim! Glad you are enjoying the content thus far. To answer your questions:1. You can use 2019.2. We chose 2018.4 for this course because it was Oculus Recommended, and the most recently LTS, which is very stable. There is more detail on the Unity versions in Unit 3, Using Unity to Develop a VR Experience ( The Oculus recommended versions of Unity, has its own page: 2. Oculus go is a mobile 3DOF headset, which means it has its own unique challenges. This course was designed for tethered 6DOF headsets, which means we designed with fewer optimization limitations in mind. Additionally, we're building a vertical slice in this course, and it's common to use Rifts for iterative development.
The Pincer Games - AbdiHakim
published the project
Apr 16, 2019
Bezier curve Algorithm Function
The Pincer Games - AbdiHakim
postedan idea
Aug 10, 2018
Hi there. An awaresome gaming reality is here! Hope adoption of VR in gaming will spread intensively very soon !

The Pincer Games - AbdiHakim
published the game
Aug 10, 2018
Racing Challenge
A game challenge for multi-players
2 years ago
Want to create a stunning AI game. Later, I wanna enable Virtual Reality to this game!
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