Stéphane Grossoleil
CG Artist - 2D/3D Animator @ Angry Squirrels - Artist
Bordeaux, France
Stéphane Grossoleil
published the project
Oct 8, 2018
Lego Metal Gear Solid : Rex final fight (WIP)
Stéphane Grossoleil
updated the game
Aug 21, 2018
LD31 - Super Carrot Farming 3000 Deluxe
And here is the wonderful Super Carrot Farming 3000 Deluxe !! The best farm defense game ever ! You are a pretty little boy defending his carrots against the evil dead rabbits !
Stéphane Grossoleil
updated the game
Aug 21, 2018
LD37 - Tree House Quest
Welcome to Tree House Quest !! In this game you play Jacob, a little boy who got his tree house stolen by his big bro. The whole game takes place in the garden where you'll have to get your room back by overcoming many obstacles, such as deadly robots or evil vegetables (They are the worst !!).
Stéphane Grossoleil
updated the game
Aug 21, 2018
In this game, you have two buttons, one for each bird. Hit the buttons to make the corresponding bird flap harder, or hold to stop them. Go through the level and get all the nuts! But take care, the squirrel can fall off the nest, if he touches the ground, you lose! Some who don't like the idea of flying squirrel will try to make you fall as well! This is a cruel...
Stéphane Grossoleil
updated the game
Aug 21, 2018
LD38 Regular Monday
Wow! Hey guys and girls! We are glad to introduce you to Noruberuto and Bikutoru. A nice and happy couple, living a normal life in a normal town. Help Noruberuto to make his way to work, he really needs it. And try not to get too much in trouble : you have a husband who worries about you EVERY DAY. Try not to lose too much money and not to flatten to much people...
Stéphane Grossoleil
updated the game
Aug 21, 2018
LD39 Back Home
After a long journey to harvest the best hazelnuts in the world, you are finally back. The Mother Tree is in sight. Your family is waiting for you. There is no time left to lose…
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