Siddartha Denamsetti
Production Manager - Manager
Hyderabad, India
Siddartha Denamsetti
published the game
Apr 25, 2020
Maze & Snow Ball
"Maze and Snow Ball" is the fun filled puzzle adventure to experience with a cool snowy theme. The game comes in wooden frame style with snow theme. Player needs to roll the snow ball to pick the key and find the target. On way pickup the stars that helps to unlock new stages. Use smartphone motion controller or joy pad to roll the snow ball. Link to download https:/...
Siddartha Denamsetti
published the game
Jan 14, 2019
Santa Minis
This Christmas bring this pack of 3 fun filled santa games. A perfect simple and cute christmas game gift to give it to your friends, family and well wishers. This pack comes with 3 casual games. * Game 1 : Help Santa catch the Candies, Cakes, IceCreams etc.. without letting them drop. * Game 2 : Manage Santa free fall along with collecting the eatables. Don't let...
Siddartha Denamsetti
published the game
Jan 14, 2019
Pop Balloons Fun
This is a game designed and created for kids of all ages. Kids love animals, stars, fruits, colors, toys, candies, cakes, etc... most of all they are always fascinated by balloons. They love playing with balloons and popping them when and where possible. When comes to popping balloons, everyone loves the idea. On seeing a balloon even adults turn to kids at the...
About Me
This is Siddartha & people call me Sid. I am from INDIA with 13+ years of experience in gaming and...
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