Samantha Robinson
3D Modeler - Artist
United States
Thanks for inviting me!
I have been searching for a paid, full-time or part-time remote position as a 3D prop modeler. Where I currently live, there isn't really much around me when it comes to game companies, and where I will be moving soon, my choices will be even slimmer. Right now, all of the work I have found for 3D modeling has been unpaid. 3D modeling for video games has been a dream, so If anybody does need someone like me, here is my ArtStation:
Sam Robinson
a year ago
Hello! I'm sorry about the late reply. I don't think I ever got a notification for your comment. I have thought about freelancing and selling models, such as the Unity Asset Store, but right now I'm not in the position to buy some of my own software for that just yet. I will do that soon if I have to, but I would rather have a paid job with a company.
a year ago
Hi Samantha, Why dont you try offering Models (or) Model packs on Unity Asset store ? If you have say, 10 models of Modern-Doors, for ex: Then create a free asset with 2-3 Models (So that people can check quality, modular structure, etc.) and then offer the full set as a premium pack ? Asset store is location independent Digital Market. A lot of individual (and) teams make assets as their full time job and its a whole Eco-System out there
a year ago
Hi Samantha,
About Me
Ever since I was 12-years-old, I have always wanted to become a 3D modeler in the gaming industry....
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