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By asking in the community channel, you will get your questions answered faster, and more accurately because it is seen by more people. I don't want anyone's message to be missed in my chat list, and help everyone's message to get answered, but the volume is out of my capability. So please either post here in the feed, or send it in the Discussion Channel (the blue button on the top of this page)

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2 months ago
I have installed unity hub from unity website. Later i have download latest version of unity editor that is 2019.3.15f from unity hub. But i whenever i want to build my game for android, it shows " SDK and JDK are invalid or missing ". So I have deleted the unity editor form files and deleted the unity hub also. Then, now when I am trying to install any version of unity from unity hub the blue line which shows the installation process of the editor finishes to the end, unfortunately, it automatically stops and the editor is not installing.
3 months ago
Stop speaking junk and close this idiot channel pls
3 months ago
3 months ago
Reply@W WYour channel sucks so bad! I am surprised by how bad groups can be like.
W W stop being so toxic to others, How would you think of me if I told you the same things? I'd think about that for a change in your life, maybe it helps against your boredom (we all know you do this out of boredom).
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Four of the 2000 Member celebration package got returned to me ... Not sure what went wrong.. the other three were delivered fine.
And two of the package was opened, the notebooks were stolen ... ugh. Thank-you cards with attendees' names were also gone. So I don't know whom these two packages belong to. Could these two attendee DM me with your addresses so I can resend them?

I will send it again. @Alexander Podzolko @Daniel Sanchez Could you send me your address again to just confirm?

Rong Zhang
Education Programs & Products @ Unity
a year ago
Reply@Daniel SanchezI'm so sorry to know that! I sent you my address again :/
Got it!
Rong Zhang
Education Programs & Products @ Unity
a year ago
Reply@Eduard Constantinisn't illegal to open someones package without his approval?
yea... looks like the one mailed to Columbia was opened by the custom
Daniel Sanchez
Unity Instructor - Narwhalcorn CEO
a year ago
I'm so sorry to know that! I sent you my address again :/
Eduard Constantin
Indie Game Developer
a year ago
isn't illegal to open someones package without his approval?
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Harshit Pratap singh
Game Developer
a year ago
The new interface is amazing I liked it a lot