Peter Liang
VR/AR Developer - Programmer
Sydney, Australia
Peter Liang
updated the project
Jul 23, 2019
Everything is going to be o-KOI (WebGL)
Peter Liang
updated the game
Jul 19, 2019
Unwind VR
PwC's Unwind VR App has been designed to help users take a break from their busy schedule. It works by regulating your breathing, which lowers the resting heart rate. Research shows this can help improve mental focus.
Peter Liang
updated the game
Jul 19, 2019
Super Pixel Smash - VR
You have been chosen to compete in the world-renowned sport of Super Pixel Smash! Only the best have answered the call and only the best of the best can hold the crown of SUPER PIXEL SMASHER! Dive into the competitive world of Super Pixel Smash! Hone your skills by smashing powerful shots at the interactive walls, targeting power-ups for increased scoring, multi...
Peter Liang
updated the game
Jul 19, 2019
Shocktake - Daydream VR
It's 8am in the morning and you absolutely HATE your retail job. There are customers at the door wanting to get in and your boss is yelling at you to make sure everything is up in the store ASAP! Play an exciting game where pieces of clothing and shoes are chucked at your face while you frantically scan as many pieces as possible using a scanner gun.
Peter Liang
updated the game
Jul 19, 2019
TOP Accounting VR - Google Cardboard
Top Education Institute (TOP), with the assistance of PwC Australia, have developed an innovative Virtual Reality (VR) Program to help students understand different accounting concepts. At TOP, we know the importance of student-teacher engagement, but we think that VR is a really exciting technology to help to further embed learning, in a more interactive and fun way....
Peter Liang
updated the game
Jul 19, 2019
Storm Shelter - Gear VR & Daydream
A narrative adventure game with an emphasis on unexpected discovery. Contains light horror themes, developed for mobile VR platform and supports mobile VR controllers.
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