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Whenever I bring up big questions about the future of the games industry I can’t help but feel like the village idiot :) But I guess Thursday evening is as good a time as any to discuss the current problems and trends in the PC game market. Let’s use our imagination. What could be changed?
Why publishers leave Steam? A make-your-own-platform trend?
This is the third article dedicated to an overview of the 3d-party and Steam bundles, funds and help of vendors and tips for Kickstarter projects in 2018.
Dude, Where’s My Money? Bundles, Funds and Crowdfunding (part 3)
This is the second article dedicated to an overview of the entire process of publishing a PC game in 2018 year.
Dude, Where’s My Money? Or “Divvying up the Loot” (part 2)
Hey guys! Here is some brilliant :) life experience of game publiching in 2018.
This is the first of six articles dedicated to an examination of the entire process of publishing…
Hey guys!
My name is Nick and i`m an alcoholic. Uh, sorry :) Wrong channel! I`m a developer and lead of small indie studio named AurumDust. This year we had released our first game Ash of Gods ( It was probably the most hard and complex thing i ever do as game developer. If you have any question about complex and huge 2d games in Unity please PM. I would love to help and share my experience.
Ash of Gods - Unity Connect
Nikolay Bondarenko
updated the game
May 17, 2018
Ash of Gods
Ash of Gods is a mix between a roguelike role-playing visual novel and an online turn-based strategy game. It has been heavily inspired by The Banner Saga series, Japanese visual novel games, and the spirit of The Darkest Dungeon. The game is being developed with Unity and will be available on PC first.
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I has been either a developer of games (such as the quests built by his first company Streko...
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