nick jay sixx
nick jay sixx
postedan idea
Jun 23, 2019
nick jay sixx
postedan idea
Jun 23, 2019
BO!NK features side-scrolling through varied landscapes based on the four elements. You are motorcycle, amphibious submersible, jet, or hoverboard. The enemies are henchmen and the character is treated to sex at the end of every level with a porn star at the movie studio (LOVEL!NE). He also has a flare gun and moped in cutscenes, which were regulars when he was a porn star trying to make it as a TV actor. He boinked a 600 year old princess who was brought back to life by aliens who want to prove that sex with humans will allow for trade with their planet. They make a film of the Axel and the princess doing it and he steals it after he wakes from their hypnosis and runs, blowing up a generator at the abandoned hydro power building to cover his tracks in a sequence involving a thirty-foot drop, a flare gun, and a neatly placed moped. They chase him throughout as the alien mummy actress gets a role in the TV SERIES KILL GIRL and on his way to BLUE EYES’ (his Best Friend’s) pad a magic rod hits him on the head and recharges when he lays his girlfriend MONEY SHOT at BE’s place. Therefore, sex nearby recharges the rod. It then leads him to this SHAPESHIFTER(R) in a junkyard and he flies away on it, starting the first level. When the two characters meet, they transform into mechs and start the SPACEBOINK. Fireworks explode in the starry night sky above the ocean.

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