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Sep 16, 2019
Victorian Horror Project
1849, Great Britain ~ After a malevolent cult enjoyed a continueing growth of popularity, it became a threat to all people who did not share their philosophy. In 1845, the cult had taken control by force over several city districts or even whole villages throughout Great Britain. Now, a priest is declared to sneak into one of those reprobated cities to finish a task,...
Here is the second part of my open world level design devlog. People told me, the first part was relaxing, so I hope this one will be as much unwinding as the previous video. :D
Feel free to tell me your thoughts!
Playable RPG Game Level - GRAVEYARD 2/3 - Unity3D - Devlog | Speed Level Design
9 months ago
These are some pretty good game graphics!
Hi folks! A year ago I started to build and huge map for my medieval rpg by hand. I recorded everything as speed level design. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think!
Playable RPG Game Level - GRAVEYARD 1/3 - Unity3D - Devlog | Speed Level Design
9 months ago
I really like the look of this level, very realistic.
a year ago
Looks great man, keep up the good work!
Jim Vincent
Programmer, Game Designer
a year ago
It's very satisfying to watch a plain turn into something cool. Great work!
The goal of this level design was to create a level where I do have as much controll as possible (for a first person game) over the viewing direction of the player. How can ýou introduce an enemy or make the player look at the goal of his journey? Or how can I force the player to walk along a certain place, but without making him feel forced by the game?
My first idea was a bridge or something, but this would have been to linear and less flexible. A path between rocks and boulders would highly decrease the possibility to look far and is not flexible as well.
Finally I came up with this idea of a swamp. The player can´t walk straight through the water, but there could be some kind of wooden path, a jetty maybe. It allows much flexibility since you could place them whereever you want. Still, you´re free to see for a huge distance. While the player walks down the jetty, you can be sure that he will -maybe after a short time of observing the environment- look straight froward. Now we are able to present any type of game element we want and be sure the player won´t miss it.
In my case I made the level dark and placed a mausuleum with a laterne far away. The player still have the opportunity to take the jetty which leads right away from the main path but it´s likely that he will walk to the light.

What do you think? Will this work or not? Feel free to comment!
Speed Level Design - Unity - Medieval Swamp
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