Matthew Murchison
Technical & 3D Artist - Artist
Toronto, Canada
Matthew Murchison
published the game
Nov 7, 2018
Swap your way through puzzles deep in an alien tree.
Matthew Murchison
published the game
Nov 7, 2018
5G Visualization Demo
A interactive visualization of cellular communications technology across Canada.
Hi guys, I've been away a while, got a new job over the summer. I just checked in and found some non-blender related ads, so I've messaged the poster and removed them. I'm inclined to leave ads that are blender related, but there are other places for non-blender ads. feel free to message me if your concerned about any posts here, or if you are worried something you want to post is in a grey area! I'm always happy to talk

Got the ship setup with the Unity plane controller! Turrets track targets and fire. Astroids are all destructible. Still needs a proper art pass but it works!

8 months ago
re-upload on another website such as Vimeo
8 months ago
Cannot play the video because of the issue of internet in China...Please
10 months ago
cannot play
Finally got the ship into unity! I was to lazy to animate, so the motion blur is all in
Photoshop. It needs some better lighting, and proper textures, but most of the geometry is there now.

Matthew Murchison
Technical & 3D Artist
a year ago
Reply@Jainesh PathakThat looks awesome. Is that afterburner rendered in Blender?
Thanks! I just got it flying with weapons and controls this morning. That render was all in Unity
Jainesh Pathak
Modelling and Designing Learner
a year ago
That looks awesome. Is that afterburner rendered in Blender?
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