Matt Schell
Online Evangelist / Game Developer - Other
Berlin, Germany
Unity Developer Interview: Nour Creator TJ Hughes - YouTube
Eduard Constantin
Indie Game Developer
a year ago
hmm, this game looks so delicious
New Prefab Workflows: 2D Level Design With Tilemap and Nested Prefabs in Unity - YouTube
a year ago
Is there an example project available?
Intro To The Entity Component System And C# Job System - YouTube
Danny Woo
a year ago
let me know where i can get example project?
Unity 3D Game Kit Behind The Scenes
Unity 3D Game Kit Behind The Scenes
Go behind the scenes with the creators of Unity's 3D Game Kit!
3 months ago
Awesome game environment
Motiejus Viltrakis
3D Developer
a year ago
I must say, these live training videos are well hidden. At first I tried using the new and improved Unity Live Sessions page, I scrolled and I scrolled through irrelevant content till my mouse wheel came off. When I applied filters like training/regional settings, I wouldn't even get the lessons posted inside this thread. In my moment of weakness I gave up, but the next day, I accidentally found this place and I'm sincerely happy that I did. Besides learning was way too easy when everything was neatly listed in one place (now called Live training Archive). @Matt Schell can we have this groups discussion page as a memorial to our beloved Training Archive? Could you kindle the flame, by posting every training session like we were used to? In all seriousness, am I the only one having problems finding English training content? Please let me know if I missed something obvious, and I'm sorry if I did.
Universal GameDev Challenge Live Session
Universal GameDev Challenge Live Session
In this live session we will learn about the Universal Gamedev Challenge, an exciting new opportunity for Unity developers.
romel lucero
Zero Orbit Creator
a year ago
romel lucero
Zero Orbit Creator
a year ago
Hello good day i am solo working in Zero orbit game i am from Venezuela Latin American third world country i belive in this project with a MOBA revolution game for android and Pc in this i dont stop in belive in this all work heres it's my effort but need more work, but cero support of any comunity any company any people are interested well i dont stop this i belived in Zero Orbit my hope are blinded but i dont know how start or deal with the community. need tester but nobody are listen? well i dont know. sorry surely my english it's ugly. good day! sincereley are in all words. thanks for read. thanks for your time.
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