Maja Minnaert
Gent, Belgium
Hi! I'm Maja (she/her). I live in Belgium and have been interested in and fascinated by stories, games, movies, coding, creating stuff and all sorts of creative challenges. I have delved into coding on and off, did a lot of work on real life games in the past - mainly outdoorsy stuff - and I'm currently rederecting most of my creative energy to writing and storytelling of all kinds. And music, which I could not live without.

I heard about Unity's offer of a few free months and ended up siging up for this course. I'm looking forward to learning about using unity to create fascinating, beautiful and/or intriguing experiences and games and learning a bit of C#. The live sessions are very motivating to get started and keep going. Thank you!

Cleo Willo
CEO & Founder
10 months ago
Nice to meet you Maja! My name is Cleon (he/him). I live in Jamaica and similarly, I have shared these same fascination caused by creative challenges. It has led me to become an Animator which has been amazing! So far my journey with game development has been great too! I have since help my lecturer at College to teach Game Dev to his students since 2017. With this course I hope I can make things easier for them to understand while I get greater at Game Dev. I'm looking to do the Unity Certified Instructor course and gain that status. So this free course is going to help me to train others much easier in Game Development as I sometimes get too technical whenever I teach it. I hope we can each get familiar with each other and maybe even build some games together!
10 months ago
Reply@DescaIn which way would you like to implement storytelling and music on a game?
The exciting part is, I don't know how yet, but I'm sure it's inevitable.
Beginner Game Developer
10 months ago
In which way would you like to implement storytelling and music on a game?
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