Mac L'Abbe
Student - Designer
Fitchburg, United States
Mac L'Abbe
published the game
Dec 24, 2017
One Shot, One Kill
One Shot, One Kill is a two player, splitscreen, local multiplayer, arena shooter. It requires two controllers to play. When the game is opened the players will find themselves at the main menu. The players then choose two of three powers they will have access to in the game, These include: slow time, invisibility, and dash and finally the players choose the level to...
Mac L'Abbe
published the game
Dec 23, 2017
Snowed in a Cabin, in Maine
A virtual reality survival game in which the player has just survived a car crash and must make it into a deserted cabin in the woods in order to survive the coming winter weather. The player must split wood to keep a fire going in the fireplace of the cabin in order to stay warm.
Mac L'Abbe
published the game
Dec 23, 2017
High Pitch
High Pitch was made by a Four man team during the 48 hours allotted to them during Global Game Jam 2017. In this game you play as Pitch, a robot designed to bring peace to Ismov City by using her sound wave cannon to break rouge crystalline robots.
Mac L'Abbe
published the game
Dec 23, 2017
Eternity Station
You play as the sole survivor of Eternity Station. You awoke from cryo-sleep to find the station in disarray: power is out and killer androids are all over. You must keep the station functioning long enough to use the escape pod to leave. You will die if you take too much damage from androids or if too many systems fail at the same time.
About Me
I am currently a student at Fitchburg State University. Throughout my time at Fitchburg state I have...
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