Lukas Satin
Software + Hardware developer - Programmer
Ostrava, Czech Republic
1. Micro platformer tutorial game - It is for beginners, yet you don't show how to do things properly. I can jump out of level through a wall. When I hold left or right arrow and jump near wall, the player does not jump. Two major bugs that should not be there.
2. On tutorial, when I hit Back button, it does not highlight stuff in editor anymore.

The Micro platformer is presenting Unity as a buggy software as even a basic simple game in Unity cannot be made simply and it seems it requires some advanced coding in order to get rid of built-in problems. Can you fix it?

Gregory Lane
Learning Support Manager at Unity
5 months ago
Great bug finding, @Lukas Satin! Happy to share this video with the team. Beginning tomorrow, the sessions will be more hands-on and get you actually working in Unity. We wanted to take the first day slow to ensure everyone had the chance to start at the same place. See you then!
Lukas Satin
Software + Hardware developer
5 months ago
I am experienced software developer, who would like to learn more how to make content in game and use best practices up to date in Unity. I tried to convince my vietnamese wife to join, she study Java course before. But the online lesson got her boring right away. First 15m and she got out and turn on tv instead. It was useless for her to tell what is Unity license and how to install and a lot of long talks about nothing. My guess is you will have also a lot of people from India and you should build interest in a different way. There are other nations, who are not fond of bureaucracy, extended law & papers like the EU & UK. This can be seen also in our education style, which seems to be boring. Perhaps I should hire some Youtuber for her to make 1 on 1 education instead. I think this was her first and last lesson. Let's see :-D
Lukas Satin
published the project
Sep 17, 2017
Unity3D Flying Game With 3D Controller
Lukas Satin
published the project
Sep 17, 2017
WAVE.NINJA Unity3D VR Music App
Lukas Satin
updated the project
Sep 17, 2017
MS-DOS City Game Sim (C, 2002)
Lukas Satin
published the project
Sep 17, 2017
Labyrinth (C, MS-DOS, 2001)
Lukas Satin
published the project
Sep 17, 2017
VR Smart Shoe Prototype
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