Kleber de Oliveira Andrade
PhD. / Game Design - Programmer
Cordeirópolis, Brazil
Kleber de Oliveira Andrade
postedan idea
Oct 29, 2018
My cooperative game (4 players - up, down, right, left) using a joystick as players blow up to guide the ship,
Tunneling - Fatec Americana Portas Abertas 2018
Kleber de Oliveira Andrade
updated the game
Feb 1, 2018
The Catcher
The game, called "The Catcher'', was developed for robotic rehabilitation in combination with single Degree of Freedom (DoF) robots. The game is then used to perform the difficulty balancing experiments using Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) and other EA to optimize the coefficients of the objective function of the first EA. The objective of the player in "The Catcher'' is...
Kleber de Oliveira Andrade
updated the game
Jan 31, 2018
Cooperative game to 4 players using a blow's joystick (each player needs to blow the ship's turbine so it can move through the infinite tunnel) so that the ship does not collide with the tunnel.
Kleber de Oliveira Andrade
updated the game
Jan 31, 2018
Happy Fish
Happy Fish is a casual game where you control a fish and guide you through obstacles. Tap the screen to make the fish swim in order to dodge all obstacles. This game is beautiful graphics and aquatic scenery; colorful obstacles and have a simple control.
Kleber de Oliveira Andrade
updated the game
Jan 31, 2018
An alien makes a forced landing on the planet ARRET and tries to steal their energy sources to get back to his planet, but he did not expect to have to face the defenses of this planet. In order for the Alien to leave ARRET, it will be necessary to find the perfect route and not to be detected by the sensors so that the transmission towers do not surround him. ARRET...
Kleber de Oliveira Andrade
updated the game
Jan 31, 2018
Cannon Kick
Cannon Kick Pro is a penalty shootout, but the ball is kicked with a cannon. The cannon automatically moves across the screen, making up / down and right / left moves. As soon as you touch the screen, the ball is kicked into the goal, but there are several obstacles to prevent your goal. Whoever scores the most points will be the winner.
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Bachelor in Computer Science from the School of Engineering of Piracicaba (EEP - 2008). Master...
Universidade Positivo
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