Kenneth Claassen
Gold Coast, Australia
Kenneth Claassen
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Jun 10, 2019
Motion Matching for Unity (MxM) - Advanced Character Animation with No State Machine
4 months ago
I am happy to announce that Motion Matching for Unity has finally released on the Unity asset store.!/content/145624 If you do decide to pick it up, make sure you join the discord and send me a PM with your invoice so I can give you verified status. Also check out the forum page for additional information.
4 months ago
MxM has been submitted to the asset store from today. Might take a few weeks to get approved.
5 months ago
It's finally happening folks. MxM will be releasing very soon. Thank you all for pestering me to reboot this project :)
6 months ago
Reply@Gavalakis VaggelisI love the fact that you continued working on the project which has indeed progress in leaps. I am also glad to see that you've moved to using PlayablesAPI :) I hope to see MxM in the asset store soon!
Hi, its certainly getting closer to a first release. Last few days I converted thr bulk of the calculations to Burst with Unity Jobs. On a 4 core system its running 40x faster than before. All the major systems are in at least in their first iteration so it may be sooner than I though until beta release on the asset store.
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Online User Group: 3D Game Kit Release, Gaia & Intro to Entity Component System
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM May 23, 2018 (Local: UTC-4)
11:00 - 13:00 May 23, 2018 (Local: UTC-4)
1985 Participants
Kenneth Claassen
updated the project
Mar 3, 2019
You, The Clay & Your Brushes
Kenneth Claassen
published the project
Mar 3, 2019
You, The Clay & Your Brushes
Kenneth Claassen
updated the game
Feb 20, 2019
Vertigo City
Vertigo City is an endless driver where the player takes control of a hover car with the ability to ride on any surface. Experience "Carcour" at its finest. The game is being worked on by a two man, coder / artist, team.
7 months ago
Reply@Jon WarnerReally like the concept, especially when the car went on the side wall of the tunnel and back.
This was a really cool project and I wish I had the resources to finish it. The carcour was crazy and you could drive literally on any surface and even do tricks and flips. This video doesn't do the car mechanics justice unfortunately. I should see if I can dig up any other videos. I got this to about 90% code complete but it just requires so much artwork. The good thing is Ouroboros came out of it. If I have time someday I'd be keen to go back and try get it done.
7 months ago
Really like the concept, especially when the car went on the side wall of the tunnel and back.
Kenneth Claassen
updated the project
Dec 17, 2018
Ouroboros - The Ultimate Endless Track Solution
9 months ago
Ouroboros has been submitted to Unity for approval. If all goes will it should be out sometime within the next 4 weeks.
Reply@Marlon Antonio Rodriguez PradoYou have not released it?
Unfortunately not. Getting that last 10% done has been a more difficult task than I anticipated. However, everyday I'm getting closer to something that I can actually call a product. I plan to release it Soon (TM) my current hope is before Christmas. They really don't lie when they say 90% of the work is in the last 10%
Marlon Antonio Rodriguez Prado
Game Design and Ceo by Otak Productions
a year ago
You have not released it?
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