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Tutorial to add more scenes to the game

before doing anything we backup the file GameFlowManager.cs with ctrl + d.

open file GameFlowManager.cs

A) add 3 variables

Scene m_Nivel;
string m_Nivel_actual;
int m_Nivel_Nuevo;

the explanation is descriptive the use we see later

Scene m_Nivel; is to get the name of the current Scene at the time of starting the game.

With m_Nivel_actual we will get only a part of the name of the scene, this point is explained later

and m_Nivel_Nuevo; It is to send to call the new scene through a simple process of concatenation of chains.

b) in the method -- void Start ()

before the }

add these lines

m_Nivel = SceneManager.GetActiveScene ();
m_Nivel_ivel = (5, 1);
m_New_Level = Convert.ToInt32 (m_ Current_Level) + 1;

What does each line do:

m_Nivel = SceneManager.GetActiveScene (); --- get the name of the scene in my case would be Act-1

m_National_level = (5, 1); --- extract only the numeric part of the scene name and store it in a variable

m_New_Level = Convert.ToInt32 (m_Current_level) + 1; --- I perform a data conversion of type string to integer.

This is to initialize the game with controlled data, and know what scene I am and what is next to load

9 months ago
do not forget to add new and renowned scenes, build again
9 months ago
c) in the void Update () method look for the line else { remove everything internal until } and put this within {} It should look like this: else {
if (m_ObjectiveManager.AreAllObjectivesCompleted() && (m_Nivel_actual == "3")) { EndGame(true); } else { if (m_ObjectiveManager.AreAllObjectivesCompleted()) { m_SceneToLoad = "Acto-" + m_Nivel_Nuevo.ToString();
gameIsEnding = false; } }
// Test if player died if (m_Player.isDead) EndGame(false); }
Explanation: else { if (m_ObjectiveManager.AreAllObjectivesCompleted() && (m_Nivel_actual == "3")--- it validates that the strablecios objectives are completed and also check which scene is the last one, in my case the last scene is 3 { EndGame(true); ---with the value in false load the scene of the WinScene. } else { if (m_ObjectiveManager.AreAllObjectivesCompleted())---the objectives are completed it is time to load the new scene through these 3 lines of code { m_SceneToLoad = "Acto-" + m_Nivel_Nuevo.ToString();---concatenates the base name of my scene plus the new scene in this case would be Acto-2
SceneManager.LoadScene(m_SceneToLoad);---with this method, load the scene by means of the name of the scene that stores the variable
gameIsEnding = false;---through a false value that the game is not over } } if (m_Player.isDead)---the player is dead EndGame(false); --with the value in false load the scene of the LoseScene.

} "save the changes". 2.- change the names of the scenes MainScene ---->Acto-1 secondaryScene ---->Acto-2 new scene ---->Acto-3 3.- click play click play and test that it works correctly. regards
good morning everyone, I already uploaded my creation and will continue to modify it, it is an excellent tutorial to work on.



9 months ago
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9 months ago
I have uploaded an update :)
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