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Nice tips! Adding SFX for small movements and footstep on teleport landing and more.
Half-Life: Alyx - Locomotion Deep Dive
Good article.
Are there anyone in the group working on gesture recognising for VR?
Any recommendation on cheats / shortcuts?
Using body language to create more compelling VR game characters
Hi all,
I'm trying to come here often and check messages, check for spam or unrelated content and keep things up to date.
Before sending a post please check if it's directly related to VR/AR. If it's not "directly" related then you are sending unrelated content.
I've started to take notes on the content I delete. And unfortunately will have to ban some accounts that sends unrelated content in the future.

Worst part of Oculus Rift is; If any Oculus cable is near 10-15cm around a device. It interference with Wifi signal and makes it impossible/hard for that device to connect.
I had to buy a separate Wifi adapter for the computer that uses Oculus.
Moving away the adaptor from any cable that Oculus Rift has solved my issue but this is not ideal.
Has anybody know if they manage to solve this on Rift S?
Or anyone had similar issues?

Some game mechanics are more suitable or fun to play with VR than others.
Lately I'm playing games, searching for ideas on development and implementation of exiting game mechanics to VR.
Unfortunately most of the games I played has serious issues with UX, controller usage and responsiveness.
I believe in a few years VR will find it's language, like cinematography we'll have some key patterns and develop an understanding round them.
10 VR Fitness Game Ideas We Want To See On Oculus Quest
This is quite exciting.
Twin Peaks VR Is Coming To A Headset Near You
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