Gokhan Sivrikaya
game developer - Programmer
London, United Kingdom
Some game mechanics are more suitable or fun to play with VR than others.
Lately I'm playing games, searching for ideas on development and implementation of exiting game mechanics to VR.
Unfortunately most of the games I played has serious issues with UX, controller usage and responsiveness.
I believe in a few years VR will find it's language, like cinematography we'll have some key patterns and develop an understanding round them.

10 VR Fitness Game Ideas We Want To See On Oculus Quest
I’ve given no shortage of advice to developers lately with my recent pieces offering game design tips, developer critique, and philosophies on self-embodiment in VR. And if you’re a game developer in the VR space, you will find that the fitness gaming market is ripe with opportunities to both immerse your player and help them lose …
Newsbrief: During today's Oculus Connect, the company announced that the Oculus mobile app would now sell games and promote events for users of the Rift headset as well as the Oculus Go headset.

Oculus mobile app now works with the Rift headset
Rift Developers looking to drive sales for their wares on the Oculus store can now make use of the company's mobile app.
Hello everybody,
We might start sharing links to our current VR/AR projects, games or experiments.
I'm starting with a video and add some details about the project in the comments section. (posting area has very limited text input)

Pop star simulator VR - Made with Unity3D - Rapid proof-of-concept prototyping with Oculus Rift
Pop star simulator VR is made with Unity3D. Game supports Oculus Rift with RoomScale. Playable drums! It's developed for desktop computers. This is a rapid p...
This project is done in one week. It's made for an event. I believe there are other people in the group that worked on VR development targeted for events, we might share our experiences.
Gokhan Sivrikaya
published the game
Mar 20, 2018 7:05 AM
Sword by Sword
Local multiplayer sword fight game on mobile.
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