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Oh and my first idea of many is entitled Comatose, being about a guy from certain circumstances falls into a coma and game environment takes place in his mind. There's mirages where you don't know what's real, deep game mechanics as character can control his surroundings and even populate stuff out of thin air to help him in many ways, skills he never would've had in real world because their are shadowed figures who chase him around and he can choose to fight or simply enter other parts of brain. He also sees memories good and bad and mission structure wise they are side quests you are able to relive. A multiple ending game with one being justified and other being sad likely leaving people disappointed unfortunately it'll never be release at least officially because it''s my main final project idea for college.

I'm most interested in original or fully open world or sandbox games that don't require set paths. Have at least 30 project ideas just don't have the skillset to put it all together especially on my own. I do collect sound fx and create my own audio via a keyboard so some of audio is taken care of, even finding a means for game to have dialogue without paying voiceover actors. I know I can write one I've been published (though not in fiction) and have another book being released soon.

Hope this is against rules but I posted a facebook page and its about remote collaboration unless team members decide to all relocate to set up Indie office.

3 months ago
My bad Simone, I'm trying to get an actual site up today
3 months ago
Hi, i wanted to see what the project is about but link to the facebook page is broken.
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