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I am trying to build my game for WebGL and although I am able to build it and upload it, I can not get past the intro menu scene ("play" button does not work). I changed the name of my "MainScene" to "Lvl 1 Scene" because I intend to add more levels as I continue developing, is it possible that changing the name of the scene could be causing this issue?

As you can see in the images, the "IntroMenu" is included as a scene in my build, so the error stating, "... has not been added to the build settings..." does not make much sense here. The error continues by stating, "... or the AssetBundle has not been loaded." I'm not sure what this means, but I'm assuming this is the error I really need to fix. Does anybody know the solution for this? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Wajid Hussain
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4 months ago
Check Script Name You Specified Is Exactly Same Name As Its In Build Settings Also Do NOT Rename Any Scene After Writing Scripts.
4 months ago
Reply@Tair SmailovGo to the start button in canvas and find LoadSceneButton, it has link to the main scene. change it to the new name.
I mean find Start button, and it has a LoadSceneButton script
4 months ago
Go to the start button in canvas and find LoadSceneButton, it has link to the main scene. change it to the new name.
Royal Flush
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4 months ago
Delete the release folder and re-build your project that should solve your problem.
I'm an absolute beginner with no prior game development experience, but this has been very fun to learn so far and I'm excited to submit a game for the Need 4 Kart II challenge.

I'd appreciate if anyone can answer these two questions to help me out:

1. In the game jam on 5/4, the billboard was customized to essentially turn it into a video screen so it would show a camera angle of the race. Can anybody explain how this is done?

2. How do I add another level to the game? I don't know if there is a tutorial somewhere in Unity Learn that would explain this, I can't find it.

Thanks y'all!

Dan Bennett
4 months ago
Thank you both!
4 months ago
To add another level just create a new scene, drag and drop all the “game” essentials into the hierarchy and make a course...don’t forget the detection triggers so it can’t tell you did a lap. Look at the original scene closely, it’s small but has all the essential elements in it.
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4 months ago
Yo for the Tv, create a render texture and make a camera in your scene and click target texture then assign your new render texture. Then drag and drop your render texture onto your screen :)
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