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UNet Deprecation Alternative

"Mirror is a high level Networking API for Unity, built on top of the low level Telepathy library.

Mirror is built and tested for MMO Scale Networking by the developers of uMMORPG, uSurvival and Cubica.

Mirror is optimized for ease of use and probability of success. Projects that use Mirror are small, concise and maintainable. uMMORPG was possible with <6000 lines of code. We needed a networking library that allows us to launch our games, period.

With Mirror, the Server & Client are ONE project (hence the name). Instead of having one code base for the server and one for the client, we simply use the same code for both of them.

[Server] / [Client] tags can be used for the server-only and client-only parts.
[Command] are used for Client->Server, and [ClientRpc] / [TargetRpc] for Server->Client communication.
[SyncVar]s and SyncLists are used to automatically synchronize state.
What previously required 10.000 lines of code, now takes 1.000 lines of code. Therein lies the magic of Mirror.

Note: Mirror is based on Unity's abandoned UNET Networking system. We fixed it up and pushed it to MMO Scale."
Hello everybody, what multiplayer projects are you guys developing?

Tutorial about how to build a simple online chat using Unity UNET system.
A good beginning to understand how messaging works between server and clients.
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Tutorial about creating a network with Unity. This tutorial series will have the following topics:

Part 1 - Creating a Byte Buffer Class.
Part 2 - Creating your own Server Connection.
Part 3 - Connecting your Unity3D Client with the Server.
Part 4 - Sending Data between Server and Client.
Part 5 - Instantiate Player over the Network.
Unity3D | Create a own Unity Networking - YouTube
A paid Unity 2017 multiplayer tutorial for game developers.
A intermediate difficulty training course, so you should first be familiar with the basics of coding in Unity.
The tutorial it's about the key elements of the Unity 2017 multiplayer system (UNET).
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