Christophe Largilliere
Game Programmer - Programmer
Austin, United States
Christophe Largilliere
published the game
Oct 1, 2017
MedFire (Indeego Games)
MedFire is a Serious Game about forrest fire sensibilisation, developped with Unity and C#. I first had to develop a real-time realistic fire propagation algorithm. Using scientific studies, I programmed this algorithm and the data structures used (ground cell adjacency graph, LOD quadtree). This programmation included real time constraint, while being realistic,...
Christophe Largilliere
published the game
Oct 1, 2017
Tomobile Racing (Indeego Games)
Tomobile is a cross-platform racing game, available on iOS, Android, and Web/Facebook, developed with Unity. I have programmed the menus (navigation, connection to data and multiplayer servers) and gameplay (race manager, bonuses, checkpoints). I also developed the Facebook connection for the 3 platforms. Multiplayer is managed by a SmartFox 2X server, and a custom...
Christophe Largilliere
published the game
Oct 1, 2017
Snoopy's Street Fair (Beeline Interactive)
Snoopy's Street Fair is a freemium village game where you set up a fair by placing manned and unmanned stalls in the Peanuts' town. - Senior then Lead programmer - C++ programming - Debug and optimization
Christophe Largilliere
published the game
Oct 1, 2017
Snoopy's Candy town (Beeline Interactive)
Snoopy's Candy Town is a freemium game where you manage a candy factory, making candies, delivering them and helping Charlie Brown in his campaign to the school election. - C++ programming - Easy-to-use Sound system - Game tutorial - Debug and optimization - LUA scripting for UI
Christophe Largilliere
published the game
Oct 1, 2017
Snoopy's Sugar Drop (Beeline Interactive)
Free to play puzzle game under the Peanuts license, made with Unity and shipped on iOS and Android. - Map menu system - Easy-to-use Sound manager - Facebook features (Facebook connect with official Unity 3D plugin, requests, in-game mechanics, save/restore game) - In App purchase - Analytics (C++ plugin) - Third party libraries (Fiksu, Chartboost) - Versionning using...
Christophe Largilliere
updated the game
Oct 1, 2017
Worlds Adrift (Bossa Studios)
Unscripted sandbox MMO with real-time physics - UI/UX Programmer - Client/Server (Inventory, Craft) - Debug, optimization Technical environment: Unity, C#, Scala
About Me
Recently relocated in Austin, TX and eligible to work in the US 7+ years XP in the game industry,...
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Msc - Management & Computer Science
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