Carlos Lameda
Programmer - Programmer
Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Carlos Lameda
published the game
Sep 30, 2017
BurgerBar369 App
Through the use of Augmented Reality technology developed by LAMEDAS it sought to encourage, promote and increase the sales of the brand CACIQUE 500 besides positioning the mark as the fastest selling in the local line in RON, for this reason made use of augmented reality, because with this innovative technology unique, attractive and fascinating experiences are...
Carlos Lameda
published the game
Sep 30, 2017
“GALA” Magazine “El Impulso” Newspaper
The "GALA" Magazine of the newspaper "El Impulso" which is the print medium with greater responsiveness of the region. Make the first Augmented Reality Magazine 100% MADE IN VENEZUELA, in which LAMEDAS executives are on the cover and the cover pointing multimedia audio and video displays. Also on the inside of the magazine there is an Exclusive Interview with LAMEDAS...
Carlos Lameda
published the game
Sep 30, 2017
“La Divina Pastora” Augmented.
During the procession of La Divina Pastora 154 (2nd highest attendance procession of devotees in Latin America), it was published in the leading newspaper "El Impulso" of the city of Barquisimeto, Edo. Lara. Venezuela, a brief review of the Virgin, La Divina Pastora, accompanied by a silhouette image of the Virgin and that the use of a tablet or smartphone, allowing...
Carlos Lameda
updated the game
Sep 30, 2017
“Museo de Los Niños” Application
On August 7, 2015 the historically recognized "Children's Museum" of Venezuela in celebration of its 33 anniversary, decided to incorporate as Augmented Reality Tool Next Generation Technology to add unique value to their presentations. Likewise, the Museum creates a Board of Augmented Reality where LAMEDAS was responsible for the design and development of the...
Carlos Lameda
updated the project
Sep 30, 2017
Carlos Lameda
published the game
Sep 30, 2017
Santo Cristo de la Grita Augmented Reality
In August of 2015, with an excellent initiative to promote tourism, in this case the "Religious Tourism" LAMEDAS developed the Augmented Reality Platform for Tachirense Tourism Corporation (Cotatur), with which attendees STAND during the pilgrimage, they can live the experience Augmented Reality, you will see as the Holy Christ Comes Alive! and until they can take a...
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I am a Software Engineer and entrepreneur with 9 Years of experience ready to do games and good...
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