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Hey folks,

I want to thank you all for your patience from the last few days. I was aware of the situation with the "Love You" Community as soon as it had happened, and wanted to take the time to make sure I collected all the facts.

Upon consideration, we'll be doing two things.

1) We'll be removing all the Love You accounts in general, because they aren't real profiles on connect.

2) We'll be moving forward with the votes from Love You, assuming the fact that they were real people that created accounts and upvoted projects, because the votes occurred over a series of hours vs within a tremendous spike in a few minutes.

Unless we discover any information otherwise of specific bot tampering, this seems like the most fair approach, because these were real people that did go and look at projects and upvote them.

Because of the inherent issue of validation, I had data snapshots of all the likes before and after the influx of votes happened, in case we needed to fall back on votes before the Love You accounts.

Moving forward, I appreciate all of your feedback around how community voting worked for this challenge. We'll take more careful consideration for community voting in the future to avoid this issue.

Regardless of the outcome of winners, you all did an amazing job. Sure, there are prizes, but the key for this competition was Teaching People Something. And if you walked away having learned something yourself, that's an accomplishment.

Thank You and Congratulations

8 months ago
@TheDrhax14 Yeah, I'm refreshing the blog every hour :))
Indie Game Dev
8 months ago
It is already march:)
Carl Nicholas Domingo
Student Programs
9 months ago
@muthu - Winners will be announced at the end of the month with a blog post, so stay tuned.
Game Developer
9 months ago
when will the winners be announced. I have participated in an event Gandhi150 . i did not even got an email regarding the event winners that was really frustrated.Please mail us the winners and post the event winners the page, that will be really encourage the winners and others to participate on further events.
In response to: and

Hello everyone. I apologize for the delay in this response, and I thank you all for your patience and for sharing your concerns and feedback. I want to address the problems arising from the Community Choice prize.

1) Inviting Friends - Self-promotion is an entirely acceptable avenue to use to increase visibility for your own projects, and you are encouraged to leverage your community of friends and network of peers to spread the word about your project. Consider smaller games and projects that go to market - typically, some of the first people that will see and use your project are the people that are closest to you. In other cases, studios will leverage social media to share their projects. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your work through media like Twitter using various hashtags like #MadeWithUnity, #Unity3D or #GameDev. In the future, we’ll make the meaning of Community Choice clearer.
2) Changing Rules - Due to the nature of competitions, the competition rules are final and cannot be changed being so close to the end date. The suggestions for changing Community Choice to just a general 2nd place are very appreciated and will be considered for future challenges, especially regarding fairness, but we are unable to make those changes during the time of the competition. (1/2)

Indie Game Dev
10 months ago
I guess many student games are now left without attention. Thanks to whoever abused the rule. You did a great job. Anyway, @Carl Nicholas Domingo, thanks for the clarification. It will be great to see positive changes in the future.
Carl Nicholas Domingo
Student Programs
10 months ago
3)Botting and Fake Likes - Unfortunately, we currently don’t have tooling in the system to appropriately track any false accounts to 100% certainty, but we’re discussing with the team any features in the future to ensure accounts are verified before they can participate. Looking forward, we’ll evaluate whether having the community participate in voting is valuable to everyone’s experience. In addition, I’ve spoken with the team behind Connect about adding in some layer of verification, so that people need to have some threshold of a confirmed profile before they can participate in the Connect community at large. Please let me know if you have any more questions or concerns. (2/2)
Welcome all to the official group for the Unity Global Student Challenge! Use this as a place to connect with one another, get feedback on your work, and see what others are doing! Introduce yourself, so that others can get to know you and connect as well!

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