Brij Charan
Senior Software Engineer - Programmer
Victoria, Canada
Hi there. I something wrong with the Unity Chat system?
i started getting disconnects last night, and today it's having a lot more issues showing different channels. Now it's stuck on 'connecting'.
@Rachel Pohl ?

Brij Charan
Senior Software Engineer
4 days ago
Actually now it seems to be working again, though I can't @ people.
Rachel Pohl
Education Partnership Manager
4 days ago
Hi @BrijCharan - are you still having issues with the Messenger (Chat) system today? I will ping our team. Thanks for the heads up!
Brij Charan
Senior Software Engineer
5 days ago
I'm in PST standard time, BC Canada. Dunno if that helps.
In Unit 5, step 3, part #16:
It says:
"16. In each OVRAnchorVelocityEstimator script set the Tracked GameObject field to the parent gameobject and the Relative To field to the TrackingSpace scene object."

However, in the video, we are actually setting the Tracked Game Object field to the 'current gameObject' this component is attached to, not the 'parent gameObject'.

If we set it to the parent gameObject, that would be the TrackingSpace gameObject, which is not correct.

Unit 5, step 2:
- Adding hands:
The controllers for the RiftS & Quest are not in the same location as mentioned in the video. The controller called 'controller_l' and 'controller_r' don't exist in my project.
If found FBX versions in: Assets/Oculus/VR/Meshes/OculusTouchForQuestAndRiftS/

Brij Charan
Senior Software Engineer
6 days ago
Reply@Bob GardnerThanks for the heads up Brij.
Thank YOU :)
8 days ago
They are now called OculusTouchForQuestAndRiftS_Left and OculusTouchForQuestAndRiftS_Right and are in the Oculus/VR/Meshes/OculusTouchForQuestAndRiftS
Björn Syse
VR Artist & Developer. Industrial Designer.
9 days ago
I don't have the NewTouchController folder either. I'm on 1.41. Perhaps they have moved?
14 days ago
Hi. The files should be in Oculus/SampleFramework/Core/TouchControllers/NewTouchControllers.
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Unit4, step 9:
They show adding the Any Layer Rule component.
I noticed that in my version of zinnia, there's an extra property: "Auto Reject States" that does not appear in the video.
My Zinnia is Version 1.1.0.

Brij Charan
Senior Software Engineer
19 days ago
Reply@Rachel PohlThanks @BrijCharan - we're taking a look!
It still seems to work with the default values set.
Rachel Pohl
Education Partnership Manager
19 days ago
Thanks @BrijCharan - we're taking a look!
Liking the course so far! Nice work!

A little feedback so far.

Unit4, Step6, part 1:
At the 2:02 mark, the component that is added is flashed very briefly on the screen. You have to pause and just step back to see what component was actually added.
I recommend 'pausing' for few counts after each 'step' in a video, so the user has time to see what is being done.

Tiny UI, straining eyes:
Another suggestion, the resolution on the recorded screen is too high, on a 1080 24" monitor, you can't read the unity labels for things like new game objects in the UI. The text is too tiny. Maybe you could at-least create a mini zoom view of the area of the UI in question on the screen, that would be super helpful. This way we don't have to pause, and try to decipher the aliased text ;)

I also second another persons feedback about dragging things from the Hierarchy pane to the Inspector. It happens too quickly, and it's hard to see sometimes. There were some videos where they zoomed on the UI area where the action was, but others didn't.

19 days ago
Thank you for the feedback Brij. I'll pass it along to our video creation team.
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