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Hey everyone, I'm new here but had a question, I'm part of a very small, video game independent development/design team and we're having an issue where the new node system to texture/material an object in Blender simply isn't accepted by Unity. I know Blender and Unity have always conflicted when it comes to getting textures/materials transferred over and at this point, we're looking for some advice. Does anyone know how to help these transfers come across with textures/materials using either this new node system or at all? Even when we get textures to come over, we still don't get the materials spheres to come over in the transfer. So any help is greatly appreciated if you have the time! (We're using Blender Experimental by the way)

5 months ago
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9 months ago
I've never heard of Unity being able to get properties from the node system. It just gets basic properties like color from the basic non-node materials, and what textures have been assigned. Procedural things from Blender like noise or brick will simply be ignored as there is no exact equivalent for those things into Unity. The best you could do is bake the node material into an image, given that the mesh has UV layout.
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Jan 29, 2019
Apparently I'm late to the party because I had no idea Unity had a Connect network for this long. At least I'm here and I love it already!

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Jan 29, 2019
Museum of Human Space Flight (Alien Planet)
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