Danny Y
UX Designer - Designer
United States
May 21, 2018 8:06 PM
Hello! I'm a new developer and I've used Unity to build some of their tutorial games. I learn a lot of programming and design on my own. Just wanted to stop in and say hello to see if I can contribute or find help for future projects. Thanks!

Ellen Flaherty
an hour ago
@Danny Y - love your breakdown of all the tutorials!!! you should check out the 2d ( and 3D game kits ( - they could be great next tutorials for you. And please keep sharing - we love hearing about everyone
@Danny Y what are you planning on learning next and what will you use to learn it? Do you have a goal in mind of what you want to create with Unity?
Danny Y
a day ago
Megan O'ConnorHi Danny! Welcome. Which tutorials did you find most useful? I'm on the Education team at Unity and we're super interested in hearing from learners about what's been helpful to them.
I did have trouble at first with pulling in assets from the asset store IN the Unity Editor. When I first downloaded Unity, I just went straight to the roll-a-ball tutorial so maybe that was my mistake lol. Pulling in Assets was a little confusing but I googled enough to learn what I needed to do. My issue was that I didn't realize you had to download the assets in Unity. File management can be tricky, like when using the downloadable tutorials under the "Learn" tab after opening up the Unity Editor. I think the files end up in a folder deep within some directories -- most people probably aren't bothered by this but I try to keep everything pretty clean on my PC for memory and performance. I think that's all I have for right now... so I hope that helps!
Danny Y
a day ago
Megan O'ConnorHi Danny! Welcome. Which tutorials did you find most useful? I'm on the Education team at Unity and we're super interested in hearing from learners about what's been helpful to them.
Woops, accidentally sent my comment too soon. - Space Shooter was a simple, cool design that's easier to learn but still more in-depth than Roll-A-Ball and 2D UFO. Being introduced to quaternion values, and spawning asteroids -- good topics to learn. I didn't go all into the enemy ships but I did finish building the initial game. - With the Adventure Game, it was pretty in depth on the coding even though I copy in most of the code as instructed. It's a good breakthrough to learn how coding works on larger projects for new programmers. I've coded in C++ and some other languages besides C#, so manipulating some of the values isn't so bad. In some areas, I just don't have the proficiency but as long as you copy in the code, it's fine. And when I say I copied in the code, I meant I typed it out with the video (95% of the time) -- you guys list the actual code for the scripts, but I learn better by doing it myself. If I had a bug, I'd try to fix first, and if that didn't work, I would copy in the code. - 2D UFO was similar to Roll-a-ball, easy to use and understand. - 2D Roguelike was fast paced, so I had to rewind some of the parts in the video to see where I made mistakes. Definitely an advanced tutorial. Great learning experience because in areas where some things aren't as defined as they were in beginner tutorials, it was challenging for me to complete. I did have a little trouble with determining which sprites were needed when groups of sprites would get selected. Some of the icons were hard to make out and they would all be in the same list with other sprites. I finished this tutorial a few months ago, so I'm not sure of any new changes.
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