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Coder Job Hunter's tip from the Principal at SFJ Academy.No. 2. A basic question your interview may ask, "describe garbage collection. Why do you need it in Unity?" Now I know there is a big green truck that comes by my residence and when I hear it, I turn off the air conditioning and close all the windows. However, I don't think that is the type of garbage collection your interviewer has in mind.

Rong Zhang
a month ago
EXPERTS: Please don't comment the answer to the job tip query. This is a thought exercise and I will reopen the discussion on this and six or seven more concepts for beginners -- to see what learners have discovered. We can discuss evenly, next week. Good thinking!

Here is a job tip from The Principal at SFJ Academy (that's me). In a number of recent interviews for Unity C# coding jobs a common theme of questioning has popped up. Here's the scenario, a Senior Unity Software Engineer is interviewing you as new junior applicant. To test your overall knowledge of coding. The Engineer peppers the interview with questions to determine if you actually studied C# outside of Unity tutorials.

The first question: Describe what you understand about a Singleton.

Of course you could go directly to Google or Wikipedia and gain an overview. But a better approach might be to gain the overview and then build an example of an actual use of a singleton.
Having worked with a number of studios in Los Angeles, I am still asked to assist with Human Resource hiring on occasion. I'm surveying past students and hiring managers to find out the type of information that they may ask about when performing a telephone interview or online video interview. For those learners looking for a job where you get to use Unity -- I will have some tips over the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Building your own terrain can be fun but also challenging. If you would like to get up to speed quickly watch and work along with me in this short 25 min. training video. I created this for new learners of Unity. It may be a bit dated, however the tools are the same. I designed the lesson for United States High School aged students. Adults may still find it interesting enough. Let me know what you think.

Rong Zhang
2 months ago
Thank you for sharing Foster!
Nick Harrison
2 months ago
Looks good Foster!
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