Andrej Grek
CEO, FIGURAMA - Executive
Bratislava, Slovakia
Hi devs, I think games are just the beginning of the interactive medium, and only scratching the surface of what is to come. I think non-game "games" will actually dominate the field of interactive experiences. We are building our own platform for what I started to call just "Interactive Experiences", be it stories, walkthroughs, trainings, model viewers. We are making tools to let artists build this without code in unity. This is our demo:

FIGURAMA - App Preview (Version: 1.0.5)
FIGURAMA is a 3D/AR/VR platform for Interactive Experiences Experience in app preview produced by FIGURAMA for upcoming interactive...
Andrej Grek
posted a post
Oct 9, 2018 9:12 PM
Today we've released the first version of FAT (Figurama Artist Tools) that let 3D artists create interactive experiences without code (in Unity game engine) and then publish their experiences on FIGURAMA platform to deliver to the Audience. The toolkit is available for download on Unity Asset Store Now:

FAT (Figurama Artist Tools) - Asset Store
Longer time ago I did this:
and this:

I think these things are pretty common nowadays. Will be happy to see some HDRP stuff from you guys :)

boARd 3D® - Interactive 3D Walk-Around for Real Estate
Contact us at info (at) board3d (dot) net to get information about how you can have a custom Interactive 3D Walk-Around Like this. Interactive Here: http://w...
Kaur Põldmaa
3 months ago
I am currently working on a personal small 106m2 archviz house project with HDRP. Will give you guys some updates soon!
Andrej Grek
4 months ago
Thanks, I was actually trying to mimic the matterport controls, but make it more fluid thanks to total freedom of a fully 3D scene. They had these 3 modes at the time, that you'd switch between using 3 buttons (dollhouse, floorplan, walkthrough), but I wanted to make it a single mode that adapts as you zoom in / out (I've seen reference to this from a company called Floored), so I sort of combined it into one control system. I actually don't remember how I did the controls, but I can upload the project for others to look at and use. I think the code was done in a very short time and thus still considered a prototype version :)
Daniel Learmonth
4 months ago
I love the transitions between the different view modes, very well presented and intuitive. Can you describe the controls?
published the game
Nov 22, 2017 8:36 AM
CRYME™ - 3D Comics
We're building FIGURAMA - the 3D Comics Platform, and this is our first entry. In a 3D comic, unlike in a traditional comic, a reader doesn’t view a 2D page, but explores a whole 3D environment to understand the story.
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