Naveen JLS
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Hyderabad, India
Naveen JLS
published the article
Jul 23, 2018 7:26 PM
Developer diaries Episode 3: Testing
The testing..
Developer diaries Episode 3: Testing
Naveen JLS
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Jul 5, 2018 3:53 AM
Developer diaries Episode 2: The release date

The game was planned to release in Halloween 2017, It was a 10 level game at that time. After seeing the response from the test release to 100 users, we decided to increase number of levels in the game to 35. Project was completed in the March.

One of the major advantage of us is being incubated in engineering college. We can easily spread the word to 5000 people in very short period of time and important thing, many of them being targeted audience.

Unfortunately April was full of examinations not only in our area, but almost all over India and few other countries. We weren't ready to neglect this 5000 user pool. We postponed our release and were into our next projects.

We are going to launch the game to Android this month. Planned to launch in 43 app stores with Multi language support in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Indian and US Markets. I am going to make this Multi-platform and Multi-language support plugin of my code available to all by making a public repository in git soon

Naveen JLS
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Jun 30, 2018 4:31 PM
Developer Diaries: Release of Booo: way back home, episode 1

Its the first mile stone since start of our Big foot towards our Dreams.
After several Time crunches, money crunches We are ready with our first game, Booo way back home.
This game got recognition even before its release, an amount of 22,500 rupees in a day NGDC crowdfunding
This is going to be an illustration of what is possible through passion and hard work. Remember this game is done by a team consisting of 2nd year students of under graduation. Respect!

I am starting this Developer diaries, to make aware of how we are going to publish our Indie game with what we have. First step in Marketing.. Knowing our USP, Make it reach to targeted audience

Game is pretty much polished and we already tested the game in closed beta. In App purchases are under testing before we release it to open beta.

Todays generation is getting feed throug Memes so we decided to create memes of our game
A GIF of jumping character.. can u pause the gif at the right movment?
An Adhar card photo of our character.. Well we all know how our adhar card photos are

Naveen JLS
published the game
Feb 20, 2018 6:13 PM
Booo: way back home
This is an audio based 2d platformer. Character responds to player voice. Played the role of Project Manager. Responsible for Game polish, Release and Monetization
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