Mo'tasem Zakarneh
An intermediate C# programmer - Programmer
Amman, Jordan
wanted to share, weekly updates, but kinda missed on that.
but, here is my 4th week updatae

this week, was about:

*focused on bug squashing, and completing systems of previous build.
and making sure, first two levels, are bug free.
*UI, and visual representations
*adding destruction on enemies.
*most importantly, thinking new learning moments, and creating them
though, thinking about them, i managed to find a few, and sadly, failed to implement the new learning moments.
*gained new information and physics knowledge, that help me, make decisions, more clearly.

the latest update, can be grabbed at link below:(feedback is more than welcome).

hey everyone, i am Mo'tasem Zakarneh From jordan, a final semester physics student.

and basically, i have set my intention to enter this challenge hopefully i'll be able to complete a submission before time is up (i am quite a slow guy).

and i'd love to share the progress of my first week. a word about my game:
An Adventure Of Relativity: you cheat the world through using modern concepts of physics, the goal is to teach Modern Physics Concepts, such as special relativity, and particle/wave duality.

for the first week, i focused on getting few things done:
mainly, core scenes loop (start scene, end scene, and game scene).
Characters Movement
and visual effects to simulate the getting closer to speed of light effect.

for more details, or trying out the Week 1 iteration, you can visit the link below.

An Adventure Of Relativity by GrassWhooper
Carl Domingo
2 months ago
Hey Mo'tasem! this is so awesome and such a cool concept! It looks like it's shaping up already! Please keep sharing updates with us as you work on the game - even just copy and pasting from your itch page!
Nov 10, 2018 9:41 AM
An Adventure Of Relativity
Cheat The World With Rules Of Physics
An Adventure Of Relativity
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View Challenge
Nov 10, 2018 8:19 AM
An Adventure Of Relativity
Cheat The World With Rules Of Physics
An Adventure Of Relativity
View Challenge
View Challenge
Hello, my name is mo'tasem zakarneh, and i have a small question.

currently, i am at my final semester as a physics student at university, and i am wondering, if i am allowed to join, as i'll be doing my final exam at the university at around 16th of January and i am interested in entering this challenge.

so as this is my final semester, would my entry be deemed applicable?

also, one more question, does it have to be AR/VR? or is standard 3D PC game allowed?

Mo'tasem Zakarneh
2 months ago
thats very great to hear, glad i'd be able to enter :) thank you for your response.
Carl Domingo
2 months ago
Great question! Yes, you are still allowed to participate in the competition, since you'll be a student during the length of the challenge. Also, yes, a 3D PC game is fine. As long as the project is in 3D!
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