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"Guns & wheels" - This is a Free-to-play MMO game in the genre of martial race. The player assumes the role of the exiled, his weapons and vehicles available klassov.Srazhatsya different main character to be at various arenas in the biggest SHOW millennium. Arena located in both the former Soviet Union and beyond. Freedom-here is your main incentive to win! Once there was a crisis in the world, gave rise to a long war, money has become a useless paper, and a new monetary unit became the good old postal marki.V this situation, every trader was forced to understand the price he proposed brand. Borders between states have been erased, there were various groups, replacing long ago forgotten state. Brothers (USSR), Wild Snake (England), Desert Eagle (Germany), rebels (France), Gentle breeze (China), Mountain Wolves (Japan), The Age (India) - this is the most ambitious of them, they form an almost daily basis, but sometimes they absorb more powerful faction. Not many people have kept an agreement not to attack each other. The protagonist - a prisoner, he was given a chance to live, but it's still miserable outcasts suschestvovanie.Eti must prove themselves on the biggest SHOW millennium in exchange for his freedom, which is held within the walls of "Arkaim", the country's exiled prisoners, where the huge wall of mankind only one izgoi.Eti dregs of society drove in their cars, and sometimes created resurrected from the dead, in order to fight for the right to receive the cup and of freedom, a chance to start a new life. All stages of the competition take place when players are still enclosed in the shackles. Getting out of this hell you have a chance, or to continue the competition, but more severe in the open world, or start a quiet and peaceful life, but in this case, no it does not guarantee!