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Twitter: @PlanetrismGame Facebook: WWW: Virtual reality RPG set in near future where Mankind is colonizing outer space to solve problems in over-population and resource shortages. Player is a colonist hundreds of light years away from Earth trying to carve a place for him and his family. A golden land of opportunity and adventure, advertisement said but reality is more harsh. You need skills and the supportive community to succeed and find your fortune. Colony life can be hard work and monotonous routines, but there is always a promise of mysteries and pure wonder of the Universe itself, something that you cannot find in crowded Inner Worlds. Maybe you could be the first to find and encounter an alien culture, which could put your name into history books forever.
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Fantasy Town
Virtual Reality game project I am working on currently. This is a First Person Powerplay game for single and multiple players, where you live in a medieval style fantasy town, have a profession and manage your life in multitude of ways. You can own property, craft items, buy and sell things, build a house etc. This is NOT an open-world sandbox game, neither is it a monster bashing game. Focus of this game is in political and social scheming, community decisions, increasing professional reputation and striving for overall influence and power. Since this is VR, everything happens on personal level. This is a two and a half month old project, so there are lots of things to implement, and what you see in videos is just a prototype. My role in this project is game designer and developer. As of 2017-01-20 this project is frozen and it is possible that development will be discontinued.
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Kingdom of the Blind
Story-driven science fiction strategy game with RPG elements, exploration, politics, warfare, economy and leadership struggles. Target platforms: PC desktop and Virtual Reality. Single player and multiplayer. Focus is to make leadership immersive. Battles and other actions are done from leaders point of view in VR. You can command, train and guide your citizens, officials and troops from multiple point of view command center. As a leader you have responsibilities, and your actions may have an immediate effect on millions of your own citizens. On the other hand you are still an individual, and your own development in skills, relationships and information can provide strategic edge while carving your realm in the galaxy. Game will have a story-driven epic campaign mode and free sandbox mode. Campaign mode has a living story embedded into the flow of events. Your actions affect how the story evolves, there is no predetermined outcome. This is a solo project where I do all programming, game design, 3D design, animations etc. Game is currently at pre-alpha concept phase. BTW, game title is just a project codename. I haven't decided the real game title yet.
3 months ago
Feature-driven Data Science in Game Development
Framework and methodology to utilize Data Science to augment better and more profitable game development. I designed and implemented a system that uses feature-driven approach to restructure games and their mechanics into recognizable general actions linked to player behavior, which we formulate as standard universal features. Framework collects data and analyzes it to recognize behavior patterns and player groups in the context of game features. System produces statistics and data analytics of past behavior, but its primary purpose is to provide predictive analytics for new games under development. When any game and its mechanics are described with standard universal features used in previous games, we have an opportunity to use past player behavior data from other games to predict how would players react to a new game (which is under development) with certain set of features using Bayesian Inference and other Data Science methods. Additionally, user can simulate game monetisation in similar manner for IAP, DLC and other monetisation categories. Technology used in data collection and pipelines: Node.js, ArangoDB, Apache Spark. Machine learning implemented in: R and Python Dashboards are implemented in: Node.js, Express, Angular, D3.js, dc.js, crossfilter, Three.js You can read more about this in my LinkedIn article:
2 days ago
Fraternity of Evil
Actually the working title for this was Return of the Son of the Revenge of the Fraternity of Evil etc. This was kind of a "letting-some-steam-of-with-game-jamming" project. Everything was done during a very chaotic weekend with very little sleep. It is really stupid mash-up of numerous horror genres and cliches. Since time schedule was very tight I used ready-made low-poly assets and made some of my own. I started from zero. First I started to make some kind of university student scenario, and made a typical student apartment. I had some ideas like Quest for Lost Beer and Slackers Survival Game, but it just did not sound like enough of fun. Then some kind of vague plot started to form - horror, B-grade movies, Cthulhu, Nazis, pop culture references and so on. With those elements everything started to click in place. Everything happens in the city of Arkham where the main characters are students of Miskatonic University. For unknown reasons they have been asked to join Omega-Kappa-Omega, a fraternity which is very exclusive and has a sinister reputation for quite rowdy student partying. After some minor misadventures the main characters join an OKO beach party. There is free beer, snacks and some sorority cheerleaders. At its height the party is suddenly interrupted when Surf Nazi Zombies rise ashore. Girls scream and guys try to come to their senses. Now the main characters see that it was a good idea after all to bring chainsaw and machete with them. They get some assistance from a motorcyclist, who happens to have a crowbar in his backpocket. But then, a big surprise! One of the OKO members has a flashing revelation. Seeing Nazi zombies open some kind of genetic mindlock and he suddenly understand that he is the long lost, hidden grandson of Adolf Hitler. Recognition unlocks his Aura of Hitler Authority and Surfing Nazi Zombies salute their new leader. Later there is also Harvester from Hell and Summoning of Azathoth by Mad Professor... You can read whole story in three parts on my LinkedIn posts starting with
5 days ago
One night game prototype for a game where player glides and flies across different alien worlds and dimensions collecting clues and avoiding obstacles in ever changing environment. This is originally intended for Virtual Reality, but it works on desktop and mobile too.