Matthew Murchison
Technical & 3D Artist - Artist
Toronto, Canada
I've been a bit busy with work, but this has been a project in my free time. Problem is I have no clue what I want the engine to look like. I'm open to pretty much any suggestions!

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Here sneak peak at a small puzzle game I made with some other students today, probably 2 days of design and code with 2 of us, and about 2 hours of art-pass in Unity with Blender. this afternoon. Still needs some textures, but I think it's presentable :P

One area that could be refined might be the comment section, it is very hard to follow a chain of comments with the current system. Maybe something more like facebook's system would be more readable.

Some points that could be improved (Image attached):
- Replies go above the comment, completely detached
- Since comments are detached the prior comment is repealed in the reply
- Multiple replies lead to long chains of usernames and prior comments in the new comment.

Mark Poeppelmeier
2 months ago
Thanks Matthew! We'll chat about this when the team is back from national holiday and we'll see what we can do :D
In a group, if you post something and want to edit it you can't add or take out images. This would be really helpfull for users who are sharing WIPs and want to show updates without spamming a group.

Hi guys, I was hoping for some advice. I'm working on a space ship, but I'm not sure how I want to greebel it, do you have any favourite ship designs or greebels you recommend? (I'm going for a Melenium falcon meets Star Citizen look) Here is an early block out.

Nicolò Padovani
2 months ago
Keep us up to date on yours works!
Matthew Murchison
2 months ago
Nicolò PadovaniNice model! is it just a render project or you want this ship to be part of a videogame?
Thanks! I'm hoping to get it in engine, I had a really good response to my last space game so I want to step up my ship models this time.
Nicolò Padovani
2 months ago
Nice model! is it just a render project or you want this ship to be part of a videogame?
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