Matthew Murchison
Technical & 3D Artist - Artist
Toronto, Canada
Got the ship setup with the Unity plane controller! Turrets track targets and fire. Astroids are all destructible. Still needs a proper art pass but it works!

Shoaib Ali
24 days ago
cannot play
Finally got the ship into unity! I was to lazy to animate, so the motion blur is all in
Photoshop. It needs some better lighting, and proper textures, but most of the geometry is there now.

Matthew Murchison
2 months ago
Jainesh PathakThat looks awesome. Is that afterburner rendered in Blender?
Thanks! I just got it flying with weapons and controls this morning. That render was all in Unity
Jainesh Pathak
2 months ago
That looks awesome. Is that afterburner rendered in Blender?
I've been a bit busy with work, but this has been a project in my free time. Problem is I have no clue what I want the engine to look like. I'm open to pretty much any suggestions!

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Here sneak peak at a small puzzle game I made with some other students today, probably 2 days of design and code with 2 of us, and about 2 hours of art-pass in Unity with Blender. this afternoon. Still needs some textures, but I think it's presentable :P

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