Gordon Midwood
Game Maker & Designer
London, United Kingdom
Gordon Midwood
published the game
Sep 25, 2017 9:39 AM
Drive!Drive!Drive! is a driving game about racing multiple tracks at the same time.
2 months ago
GG man good work !
Andy *underlife*
3 months ago
Heh nice
Gordon Midwood
4 months ago
Hello! Sure, what do you mean exactly? :)
@Gordon Midwood can u help me figure out the best way to calculate player position on the race? idk how to do it!
Gordon Midwood
published the article
Sep 25, 2017 9:35 AM
How I Used Unity & Warped Spacetime to Make Drive!Drive!Drive!
Or How To Make a Racing Game 3 Times as Exciting With a Team of Just 1
How I Used Unity & Warped Spacetime to Make Drive!Drive!Drive!
Artem Kaegi
4 days ago
That last part was great "I should perhaps have called this factor "effective time management" WE GOT BAMBOOZLED or at least i did
19 days ago
The motivation is the most important part. Congratulations for being able to do that while staying Human and keeping your bonds with the world around you. Creating an almost zero distraction spacetime is near impossible for various reasons for various people. In those times it is curicial to keep dreaming and not to give up. The only risk of this ability is completely ignoring or forgetting about the bonds with the world around us. Even if this may mostly depend on the chances of one individual, it is also critical to become aware of those chances too. I wish the continuity of your overall success. Good job!
Jeremy b
2 months ago
Awesome work man, Congrats!
Sadly, I cant control my focus as well. private void Production() { bool isProducing = false;
"then yell at em to get back to work lol. Imagine users having a mic and yelling at their charactors and the lil get sad or tired of it and rebel lololol" crap back to work ahem If (productionBuildings [0] >0) { if (gold<maxStorageGold) { gold += productionBuildings [0] * productRates [0]; "Squirrel!" isProducing=true; *"gah the spacing crap is killing me. why cant they be consistent on the spacing? who creates this stuff and thinks things like that are good ideas? wait. how does coding work anyway? googles how code works3 hours later well crap, better get back to work. wait, im not getting paid, so is it still work? I mean, its just a hobby, so af;lsdjgljglkaj get back to my task. crap, what was I doing? where did I leave off? oh right, here it is. man this station sucks I need to change. god music is horrible today. find me a 90's channel. there we go. aw yeah, I aint heard this in a while, wonder what happened to them? Oh right, code } else } ((Messenger)statusMsg).DisplayMessage("Rob a Bank!" lol naw, delete, could u image that! lololol....ahem** "Increase Gold Starage!"); Any wonder I cant get anything done? lol
Jeremy b
2 months ago
Andrew ClarkeGreat work. you have there. I have been watching unity tutorials for 1 n half years, there are certain caveats , like persistant geometry & asset changes, when moving out of draw distance/scene, and how to get the geometry and asset changes to still be there. when returning to same spot. it is the most annoying thing in games, for me. as i know its down to memory constraint. my best example would be farcry3, you blow up 10 cars, burn a lot of scenery and kill 10men, walk so far away and return, theres not a scratch on the same place that i killed them all at. this for me. ruins the experience and need a away to redraw those kills and geo changes. if theres anyone out there that can do this kind of coding. make a youtube video please :)
Sorry, accidentally hit post, no edit button here. Now, if you use predestroyed models...that is model a house, then model it destroyed, it would save ram and savefile space, but not look as cool or unique. Most games use this model. If you go that route, then when each item gets destroyed, make game save use that object's destroyed model, to be loaded each play through. Fun part is realtime writing to save file everytime object is destroyed. The workaround would be to check for destroyed objects and save every few seconds...yay harddrive bashing! lol. Besides, you play for 4 hours, leave the entire map in complete ruins...then what? Devs don't feel the need to do it most of the time because its both a pain, and its always fun to re destroy the same thing. And it can be an advantage for player. Like in Borderlands. Wreck the place, wait 20 min, come back and wreck it again!
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