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Hamburg, Germany
Oct 2, 2018 1:23 AM
Hey there, I do not know anything much about performance, but I wonder how much of FPS drain is ok coming from UI+UI Animation, and also generally speaking: What is ok and what is too high?. That's my basic Mainmenu, oh and it is for a mobile device:

2 months ago
Hi James, I watched the video but its at some points to advanced for me and I cannot follow. I got explained now that each frame rendertime(img, script, animation, etc) should not take more than 16,6ms. Which is a starting point for me to see how much of performance tweaks are necessary for me to make it run smoothly. But still the multiple Canvas thing is still confusing for me. In a case where I want to have a UI with a) an animated Background, b) an appearing dialog box, which after the initial animation is static until an interaction is done and c) animations of squiggly buttons and decorations. Would I create 3 Canvases? Or 4 whereas 1 is the main and 3 are subcanvases? or 3 whereas 1 is the main, which has some content next to two subcanvases? @Rong: I really would appreciate some educational content about this for people with a low-to-mid-tech background. :)
James Bouckley
2 months ago
Here is a video which should answer your question: The quick version is that the animator sets properties every frame because of an optimization. However, when certain properties are set on UI elements it causes that canvas to undergo some expensive processes. The animator doing this every frame can lead to some bad performance. My advise would be to check out the video as Ian explains it much better than I do but basically, have canvases on elements that you wish to animate. This will limit how much of the hierarchy gets processed when it is the element is animated.
Rong Zhang
2 months ago
Hang in there! I will get you answers from our content (tutorial) team!
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