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Filipe Rodrigues
CEO - Executive
I'm CEO of Halffull Studios, a Indie game developing company
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Aaron San Filippo
Co Owner, Flippfly - Programmer
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S .M Bonin
Art Director - Artist
My goal is to pursue a career in Art and my researches are all with it. The enclosed resume details my background but what you won’t see on that...
Director - Programmer
Programmer , Team Leader
Hakob Patrikyan
CG Generalist - Artist
I am CG Generalist based in Armenia, Yerevan.
Md. Shafiur Rahman
Game Developer, Marketer & Publisher - Programmer
I’m a game developer with more than 5 years of experience. I like to play games so that it is my passion to do so. I play different types of games...
Supakarn Wongtanakarn
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Dmitry Kutcenko 3d art and game development - Artist
I am Russian 3d artist, i love Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Robots and games like Wizardy 8. Welcome to my page bro :D
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