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Stéphane Beniak
Programmer and Game Designer - Programmer
Stéphane is a co-founder of Double Stallion Games, an independent studio based in Montréal. Computer engineer by trade and game designer by choice, St...
Ciro Continisio
Technical Evangelist - Educator
I joined Unity as Technical Evangelist for the EMEA region after years of developing games at my own company. I travel from conference to conference,...
Nathaniel Ventura
Product Marketing Manager - Marketer
I am currently a Product Marketing Manager for Unity Connect and the Unity Asset Store at Unity Technologies. I'm an experienced marketer with...
Aljaž Blatnik
Student - Student
I am 19 years old, I come from Slovenia and I like to make games in Unity. I really like to do things in Blender aswell :)
César Efraín Órbenes Alapizco
Game Programmer - Programmer
Hi, I am a videogame developer from México. I love making games as much as I love playing them :) (Which is like, a lot) Also I like to think I'm good...
Isaac Salinas
3D Animator - Artist
Hi!, i'm a 3D Animator. Love to draw, work and play videogames :)
Dmitry Kutcenko 3d designer - Artist
I am 3d game artist for last 14 years, i love Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Robots and games like Wizardy 8. Welcome to my page bro :D
Samuel Schultze
Programmer - Programmer
No description
Severin BACLET
Level designer / Environment Artist - Artist
Hi Unity family I'm Séverin, I'm 39 and I live Lille in France. Core Skills and Experience : [LIST] [*]Art Direction [*]Concept Art [*]One page...
Ciro Ivan Bolado Palomo
Game Programmer - Programmer
I am a software engineer focusing on game development. I completed my studies in 2013, working in some interactive projects using various programming...