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Rafid Wahid
Software Developer - Programmer
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Asset store publisher - Designer
Hey Dee Shaw here I intent to provide various asset packs relating to vfx, shader graph and much more to the asset store!
一个做单机游戏的美少女 - Producer
ZoeGeop Technologies - Producer
Empresa de Tecnología mediante Cursos, Tutoriales de Desarrollo de Video Juegos, Brindamos Consultoría, Desarrollo de Software, Servicios de TI,...
Ciro Continisio
Technical Evangelist - Educator
I joined Unity as Technical Evangelist for the EMEA region after years of developing games at my own company. I travel from conference to conference,...
Chance Touchstone
Owner Touchstone Bros. Game Studio - Owner
Senior software developer, project manager, and game designer.
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Peter Law
Game Designer/ Unity Developer - Programmer
I am a games designer and Unity developer, a highly motivated and enthusiastic one, with a natural ability to learn new technology, software and...
profile - Manager
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Richard Jenkins
Developer - Owner
Hey guys, My name is Richard Jenkins 33 years old from the UK. I have been developing in Unity for just less than a year and I am looking forward to...