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Filipe Rodrigues
CEO - Executive
I'm CEO of Halffull Studios, a Indie game developing company
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Aaron San Filippo
Co Owner, Flippfly - Programmer
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Marian Alexandru
Software Developer - Designer
I'm 26, my sign is lion, I love dogs, I'm daily improving my coding skills based on my Unity5 requirements, learning to create 3D models. I have a...
Lydia White
Partner Marketing Manager - Marketer
Partner Marketing Manager at Unity Admin for Universal GameDev Challenge
Pavel Novak
A jack of all trades and a master of some - Designer
Award winning Illustrator, 3D modeler, UI / UX designer and animator. Deputy creative director at madeo. Check my work at:
Atthawut Praditngam
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Director - Programmer
Programmer , Team Leader
Anthony Gonzalez
3D Artist - Illustrator - Game Designer - Designer
Graduated as a graphic designer specialized in digital design I tried web design and even editorial design, however 3D was what finally gave a channel...