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Joey Bryant
Art Director at From the Future - Artist
Artist with over 25 years of experience in the Games Industry.
Yannick Tirand
Game Developper - Programmer
I have more than 5 years of experience with Unity, personal and professional. I participated in multiple Ludum Dare projects with the french...
Stephen Hess
CTO, Founder - Programmer
CTO of From the Future. 24 years of game development, embedded hardware, encryption and military flight simulator experience.
Zachary Corley
Software Engineer - Programmer
Software Engineer at From the Future, working on all sorts of XR experiences, games, and mobile apps.
Mike Christian
CEO, Founder - Designer, Programmer - Executive
CEO of From the Future. 25 years as a game programmer. 10 years as a CEO and Creative Director. The last 4 years have been specializing in VR and AR...
Cassiee Latshaw
Software Engineer and Designer - Programmer
Full time game developer and designer. Avid gamer of both the video and board variety. Love to play guitar, longboard, and work on audio engineering...
Tanner Van De Walle
Software Developer - Programmer
I started programming when I was 13 and immediately fell in love with it. I have since gone to the University of North Texas to study it further and...
Thomas Baudon
Game Maker @ angry-squirrels - Programmer
I'm trully pationate about game making since childhood. Now, I'm working on severals game with my pals at angry squirrels and hope to release some...
Tomasz Piowczyk
Student Unity Developer - Programmer
I'm game enthusiasts, love programming in Unity and learning new stuff every day. I'm open to improvements. I love working with team and share my...