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Caio R. Prugner
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Rafael L Lagos
Game Producer // Game Designer - Producer
Doing game since 2006, starting as a flash game developer.
Cleverton Zili
Game Developer - Programmer
Hi, I am Cleverton Zili, I'm a game developer working as a programmer since 2013 at Positivo University in Brazil. I've worked with gameplay...
Henrique Carneiro Fernandes
Gameplay Programmer - Programmer
Hello, my name is Henrique Carneiro, and since 2014 I've been working in the game industry as a programmer, developing gameplay, UI, A.I., 2D physics,...
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Pauleta Milanez
Unity Developer - Programmer
Self motivated and dedicated Unity Developer with 5+ years of experience. Programmer and designer. Computer expert. Unity is the best platform to make...
Dmitry Kutcenko 3d designer - Artist
I am 3d game artist for last 14 years, i love Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Robots and games like Wizardy 8. Welcome to my page bro :D
Tomas Rychnovsky
Developer - Programmer
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Ana Castañeda
Hi! My name is Ana, I´m a 2D Game Animator and Illustrator from Spain.
Nathaniel Ventura
Product Marketing Manager - Marketer
I am currently a Product Marketing Manager for Unity Connect and the Unity Asset Store at Unity Technologies. I'm an experienced marketer with...