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Ryan B
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Neus Rodríguez Baró
NeuZeta - Student
As a multimedia designer with more than 7 years of experience, I’ve worked in different areas with regards to 3D: Technical modelling for industrial...
Unity China - Marketer
我是Unity China的Zixi,负责K12市场和Connect工作。如果你对中小学Unity STEM教育/Connect社区有兴趣,请私信我。 Hi, I am Zixi from Unity China!
Ciro Continisio
Technical Evangelist - Educator
I joined Unity as Technical Evangelist for the EMEA region after years of developing games at my own company. I travel from conference to conference,...
Alex Tuduran
OmniSAR Technologies - Owner
Hi, I'm Alex, the owner of OmniSAR Technologies. I'm on a mission to help the game developers around the world reach their goals faster and easier and...
Egemen Ertuğrul
Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Student
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Ana Castañeda
Hi! My name is Ana, I´m a 2D Game Animator and Illustrator from Spain.