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Aljaž Blatnik
Student - Student
I am 19 years old, I come from Slovenia and I like to make games in Unity. I really like to do things in Blender aswell :)
Stéphane Beniak
Programmer and Game Designer - Programmer
Stéphane is a co-founder of Double Stallion Games, an independent studio based in Montréal. Computer engineer by trade and game designer by choice, St...
Ciro Continisio
Technical Evangelist - Educator
I joined Unity as Technical Evangelist for the EMEA region after years of developing games at my own company. I travel from conference to conference,...
Face Detact
Face - Artist
The Face Detect SDK can bring VR effects to video or camera stream which includes real-time face tracking, face pose tracking in 3D environment, face...
Game Designer - Other
Hi, I'm a game designer, I like to imagine and invent new interesting games. On my website(only on russian yet, I add localization soon) you can see...
Nathaniel Ventura
Product Marketing Manager - Marketer
I am currently a Product Marketing Manager for Unity Connect and the Unity Asset Store at Unity Technologies. I'm an experienced marketer with...
Alexandre Sève
Programmer - Student
I'm currently a student programmer at the video game school Créajeux in Nîmes, France. I've got competence in C, C # and C ++ language. Unity3D and...
Thomas Verdier
Programmer - Student
I'm currently a programmer student at the video game school Créajeux in Nîmes, France. I'm in my last year of learning and i'm glad to say that I'm...
Souffron Vincent
No description
Nicolas Duboc
2D/3D Artist - Student
Contact : Hi there ! I'm a student in game art and I'm trying to link what I learn with the use of a game engine, like Unity...