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If you are here because of an email notifying you of an unread message, we're sorry. That was a bug. We are investigating what happened immediately!Chill, chat, and discuss general game development and Unity development.
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This channel is for Users or Companies seeking to fill a paid position. Post your Unity Connect Task and Job listings.Please include:[Hiring for Job] or [Hiring for Task] Link to Unity Connect Job or Task, and a description of the type of work.[Rate] Provide your hourly rate or bounty/task pay rate.[Studio/Company] Link to company Unity Connect Profile.[Contact] Best way to contact you.Here are some guidelines you will need to follow:Rates/money and contracts should be negotiated in private conversations with interested parties/individuals.Nor Unity Technologies and/or any moderator/administrator of its systems are to be held responsible for resolving any * conflicts as a result of contracted work.If you find yourself in a conflict with an employee please resolve this in private.If your post does not meet these requirements they may be closed or deleted.
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This channel is for those looking for paid jobs and a place to advertise themselves to potential employers. Tip: Make sure to share your Unity Connect profile! Please include:[Looking For Work] The type of work you are looking for.[Experience] A description of your experience and skills.[Profile] A link to your Unity Connect profile.[Contact] Best way to contact you.Here are some rules and guidelines you will need to follow:One post per person.Please use threaded replies. Once interest is stated, please take your conversation to a 1-on-1 conversation on Unity Connect Messenger.Rates/money and contracts should be negotiated in private conversations with interested parties/individuals.Unity and any moderator/administrator of its systems are not responsible for resolving any conflicts as a result of contracted work.If you find yourself in a conflict with an employer please resolve this in private.If your post does not meet these requirements they may be closed or deleted.
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Channel for discussing programming. Techniques, bugs, scripts, jokes.
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Show off your current work-in-progress, from individual pieces to full projects! Guidelines:If you create a post in here make sure it’s your property or that you have the legal rights in order to do so, being it your game / project / personal / work.Please provide a description of your work and a link to your Unity Connect project or an external links showcasing your project at your posts.You canfeel free to upload photos and videos for your project.Please be courteous with your feedback.Support your feedback with evidence being it offered from technical or creative stand points.Compliment your feedback with helpful samples or informational pointers, don’t offer bland or otherwise subjective feedback.
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Recruit a team, form a group, or offer help on your projects you'd like to support/participate. Not commercial. The aims of this channel, is to enable people to find others to work with on non-commercial projects. This includes:if you have a project in progress, but you need assistanceif you have an idea, and you're looking to recruit a teamif you have skills that you're willing to offer to the communityif you're looking to gain experience in an area and wish to join a project to help you develop those skills, or just help you built portfolio material.Please include in all posts:[Team] - Either a team looking for project members or team looking to make multiple projects as a studio.[Looking for Team] - an individual looking for a team.[Rev-Share] - if project has revenue share.As well as... For Teams:[Project Genre & Platform] - What is the primary genre or two that your project fits into and what platform are you initially planning to support/target?[The Idea] - Overview of the main project’s idea.[Progress] - Current state of the game and team members.[What We Are Looking For] - Outline if you have any requirements for new members and what roles are most needed.[Contact] - Best way to contact you.For Individuals:[What I Do] - What is your potential role on a team and how many hours or for how long can you commit.[Experience] - An overview of your experience and a link to your Unity Connect profile.[Interest] - Please outline game genres you would like to help develop. This is very helpful information for others looking to recruit you.[Contact] - Best way to contact you.
直播: 如何在Unity中创建ARCore的应用
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最近谷歌发布了ARCore预览版,它将为整个Android生态系统启用AR(增强现实)开发,为开发人员提供了为数百万用户构建迷人AR体验的能力,而无需专门的硬件。Unity的XR团队一直与Google的团队紧密合作,以克服AR开发呈现的一些最困难的挑战。而随着Unity2017.2的发布,开发者已经可以很方便的在Unity中使用ARCore创建应用。内容: 这次直播主要介绍如何在Unity中使用ARCore。内容包括ARCore基本介绍,和其他AR解决方案的区别,以及如何创建一个ARCore的项目。在项目实例中,我们将会展示如何在真实场景中添加一个动画角色,以及如何在真实场景中创建通向另一个虚拟世界的入口。开发ARCore应用所需要的硬件与软件ARCore基本功能介绍基于ARCore项目实践直播人员: 马瑞, 成亮直播时间: 10 月 25号 晚上 8 点适合受众:对AR开发感兴趣的开发者
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Channel for artists to discuss graphics, 2D/3D art, and 3D modeling.
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Getting started with Unity? This is the place for you! Chat with other devCheck out the Learn website and Live Training for some useful tutorials to get yourself started with Unity.
Unity Machine Learning
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Channel for Unity developers who are enthusiastic about machine learning and using it in gaming, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and many other scenarios.
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Cinemachine是Unity的程序化相机系统,它具有智能追踪,优先级控制,噪音模拟以及Dolly轨道等强大的功能,可以让你像电影导演一样控制你的摄像机,提升游戏或者动画的表现力。在最新发布的2.1 beta版本中,又加入了许多新的功能,包括对后处理栈V2版本的支持,新的碰撞检测算法,以及对2D系统的支持。
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Come discuss, ask questions, meet others participating in Unity Challenges. Starting Dec 1st, the Neon Challenge should be live! Check it out.
直播:快速创建2D游戏 Tilemap&Cinemachine 2D使用详解
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12月13日晚8点,Unity技术团队的杨栋老师和马瑞老师要来讲2D啦! 此次直播,我们将使用Tilemap和Cinemachine 2D开发一个2D游戏。 Unity2017.2版本中发布的Tilemap功能,可以让您快速简单地创建2D关卡和加快开发迭代的速度。游戏设计师和关卡设计师可以在构建2D游戏世界时快速建立原型。 我们将研究如何使用新的Tile和Brush工具来绘制图层,这些工具允许您定义放置图块时的行为规则,创建具有动态边缘,动画图块,随机图块等内容的关卡。 另外我们也将介绍Cinemachine 2D功能。Cinemachine是一个动态的,程序化的高级虚拟相机系统,它可以很容易地自动合成镜头和跟踪游戏物体,大大提高游戏性,同时几乎不用任何代码就可以实现很酷的镜头效果。最新版本的Cinemachine已经全面支持开发2D游戏。 本课程将涵盖以下功能: Tile Asset Tile Palette Window Grid & Tilemap Components Tilemap & Composite 2D Colliders Custom Brushes (Prefab Brush) Custom Tiles (Rule Tile, Random Tile, Animated Tile) Cinemachine 2D Camera Rig 2D Camera Rig Confiner
直播2018/1/17: Unity实现高级可配置化游戏AI系统
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ScriptableObject介绍: 区别于绑定在每一个物体上的脚本组件MonoBehaviour,ScriptableObject通过数据资产(Asset) 来保存数据和代码。因此,我们可以利用ScriptableObject来保存共享数据。而且,由于ScriptableObject不包含transform等数据,相较于MonoBehaviour更加轻量级。内容: 本次直播,我们会使用之前介绍过的Tank项目。利用有限状态机(Finite State Machine)为坦克实现不同的AI行为,比如追逐,巡视等。当然更重要的是展示如何通过ScriptableObject来灵活的配置坦克的AI行为。学习目标: 创建基于有限状态机的AI系统 如何编写坦克的行为,决策以及状态切换直播人员: 成亮,马瑞 直播时间: 1 月 17号 晚上 8 点 适合受众:使用Unity进行游戏开发的相关人员
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