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Jonathan van Immerzeel
Technical Environment Artist - Artist
Currently not taking on any new projects ;) I'm an Technical Environment Artist with a natural curiosity that has driven me to the many nooks of game...
Vahid Kiani
Full stack developer - Programmer
I am a full-stack Desktop, Web and mobile software developer, also interested in Game design and development. Since 2007 many games, mobile apps and...
Vanesia Tan
Marketing Profesional - Writer
I'm don't like tell about me to public until u ask me for first :)
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Peter Le Bek
Jun 28, 2019
VR Shader/VFX Artist (LWRP)
San Francisco, United States
3 - 5 years experience
We’re building a game for Oculus Quest coming out later this year and we need an additional shader/VFX artist for 1-3 months. We’re using LWRP and ShaderGraph - they haven’t been out for long, but it would help if you’ve got s...View Detail
Black Box VR
Jul 18, 2019
Video Game VFX Designer (Unity)
Boise, United States
Full Time
3 - 5 years experience
We are building a virtual reality eSport workout game that recently launched. We need an ELITE Unity VFX Artist to find, create, and mix visual effects for our game. We have a base but need help improving it.Learn more about the g...View Detail
Need Art for Music Videos and Experiences
United States
0 - 2 years experience
Revenue sharing position!This position is for some help with artwork for about 20-30 music videos and interactive experiences to be created in Unity. You’d be responsible for design sketches and finished art based on documentatio...View Detail
2D Art
3D Art
Environment Art
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Aaron Clifford
Aug 16, 2019
VR: University of Alberta, Through the Looking Glass
A virtual reality experience that simulates different eye conditions
Mirza Beig
Jan 13, 2019
Intro to Custom Particle Vertex Streams
Custom Vertex Streams
Jul 29, 2019
使用 Vive 和 VRM 打造 VTuber
使用 Vive 和 VRM 打造 VTuber
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直播: 2017-11-15 Cinemachine新功能案例讲解
1251 Members
Cinemachine是Unity的程序化相机系统,它具有智能追踪,优先级控制,噪音模拟以及Dolly轨道等强大的功能,可以让你像电影导演一样控制你的摄像机,提升游戏或者动画的表现力。在最新发布的2.1 beta版本中,又加入了许多新的功能,包括对后处理栈V2版本的支持,新的碰撞检测算法,以及对2D系统的支持。