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Jiadong Chen 陈嘉栋
Unity China Field Engineer - Programmer
Hi, I'm Jiadong Chen (@chen_jd). And I've been working for Unity as a Field Engineer since 2017. I have participated in Unite (Beijing & Shanghai)...
Joseph Jacir
Senior Engineer / Team Lead - Programmer
I've been working on games and animation tech for about a decade. Some of the brands and clients I've worked with include major Japanese mobile games...
Jaime Sierra
Video game app developer - Producer
Video game app developer and Computer and Management Engineer, creative in nature to provide innovative solutions to the team. Combining Art and...
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Unity Engineer
Shanghai, China - Shanghai, China
Full Time
5+ years experience
Position Description:AR/VR产品开发Position Requirements:1.本科及以上学历,计算机相关专业2.4年以上开发经验3.2年以上Unity开发经验4.有AR/VR产品经验优先
Circadence Corp
Sep 30, 2019
Principal Unity Engineer #0121
San Diego, United States - Boulder, United States
Full Time
3 - 5 years experience
About Us:Circadence has leveraged its history of software advancement, multi-player game development, and a deep understanding of application optimization, to offer Project Ares - the only fully immersive, AI-powered, cybersecurit...View Detail
Unity Game Engine
coding in C# and object orientated programming.
Editor Scripting
Very Real Help
Sep 27, 2019
Unity Engineer VR
Nashville, United States
Full Time
3 - 5 years experience
Very Real Help is developing a social VR application that will be widely accessible to millions of people who struggle from mental health issues. We will provide immediate, 24⁄7 access to mental health support through fun imme...View Detail
Oculus Rift
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David Cochard
Mar 24, 2016
When engineers do design...
When engineers do design...
Custom-built level editor
Gregorio Benatti
Dec 3, 2018
C-OPS: "Action-filled 3D FPS game explicitly built for mobile multiplayer." A game made by Critical Force Oy where I'm currently working as a Senior DevOps Engineer with focus in automation, tools, gameplay features related to Unity3D engine/systems, CI/CD and optimization.
Sergey Vitukhin
Nov 19, 2018
VR Training for field engineer (Prototype)