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Tommy-lee Neville
Company Director - Owner
I am the company director at RaptorCat studios. We are currently working on a game called AstroShot a 3D platformer that combines unique gaming...
Ann Rodela
Indie game developer - Programmer
I published my first game Brick Breaker Robots for android on Google Play and Win pc platform on It was a wonderful opportunity to work on...
Evy Benita
Games Artist and Developer - Artist
I like games and drawing. I make games and drawings :) I'm always up for a game jam, so pop me a message if you've got something coming up! I took...
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Unity Technologies
May 25, 2019
Animation and Timeline Tools Developer / Développeur d'outils animation et timeline
Montréal, Canada
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
The Animation & Timeline team at Unity is starting a project to write a completely new set of tools that will leverage our new Data Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS). The team’s mandate is to create modern tools that will empower ...View Detail
Vanavah Edwards
Jul 9, 2019
How do I add a mp4 video to the timeline
Christ Church, Barbados
0 - 2 years experience
I create videoPlayer1 and play a m4p video. I want to add an object along the video timeline. I created a timeline on videoPlayer1. But I only see add animation clip or something not related. I cannot add my mp4. What to do or sho...View Detail
Unity 3D
Teleporty LLC
Jun 12, 2019
Animated VR Series
California, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
Hello!We are looking to create an immersive VR animated series based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth.The project will require us to create epic scenes to tell a classic story through the new media of virtual reality.Our first aim is to ...View Detail
Unity 3D
Virtual Reality
Oculus Rift
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Jason li
Mar 18, 2019
[原创] Timeline绑定SourceObject 方式
[原创] Timeline绑定SourceObject 方式
--- 转自UniteLee发表于Unity中国论坛
Unity China
Jun 30, 2019
如何创建自定义Timeline Marker标记
如何创建自定义Timeline Marker标记
从Unity 2019.1开始,Timeline支持标记功能。本文将介绍如何创建自定义Timeline Marker标记。
Unity China
Jun 4, 2019
运用Unity Timeline提升游戏玩法的叙事体验
运用Unity Timeline提升游戏玩法的叙事体验
运用Unity Timeline提升游戏玩法的叙事体验