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Vinicius Deutschmann Hormann
Freelancer 3D Artist - Artist
Hi ! ​I'm Vinicius Hormann, I have 25 years old. I'm a 3D Artist, specialized in 3D modeling for games or any other project that I can help. ​Main...
Salman Hoseini
Unity Developer. - Programmer
I am a professional programmer with more than 10 years of experience in different fields of programming from working with Flight simulators to mobile...
Joshua Selva
Vfx Artist / Compositor - Artist
Vfx Artist / Compositor ► helping Motion Picture, Film Directors and Game Developers to convert ideas into top quality visual and audio contents for...
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3D Game Mechanics Programmer
Burbank, United States
Part Time
5+ years experience
Hello! I am The Global Paradise, LLC and we just released our first mobile app called TGP Surfer on Android and iOS.I am looking to recreate the mechanics of our game and add a few others. In total I am trying to create mechanics ...View Detail
Game Programmer
Minnesota, United States
Part Time
0 - 2 years experience
This position will be to create a crafting/gathering game using Geo-location. The job will require a decent level of problem-solving and creative solutions. You will NOT be working under specific orders with no level of self-expre...View Detail
Exam Program Manager
San Francisco, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
Unity is seeking an Exam Program manager to support the Education Product team with Unity’s certification offerings for Higher Education (college/post-secondary) and Professionals.Building a Certification requires detailed resear...View Detail
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Unity China
May 31, 2019
使用Unity 2019.1中的Timeline Signals
使用Unity 2019.1中的Timeline Signals
自从2017年推出Timeline功能以来,很多开发者一直期待Timeline加入发送事件的方法。从Unity 2019.1版开始,Timeline Signals信号功能可以帮助你发送事件。 本文将介绍使用最新的Timeline Signals信号功能。
Star Trek: Timelines
Ported to Facebook / WebGL and Steam for Disruptor Beam.