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Duncan Ecclestone
Freelance 3D Artist - Artist
Making games is my passion. Ever since I was a kid i've been fascinated by the unique impact games have on people, its a sense of wonder and...
Worth Dayley
3D Artist, Environment Artist - Artist
3D artist and environment artist from Orange County, California. Raised by wolves in the foothills of Mongolia, I once happened upon a snowy glen...
Christian Le-Kroken
Developer - Programmer
I've been making games for a while, starting with Pascal, C++/DirectX and then Unity, but no completed projects yet. I work as a Java Developer, but...
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Jan 15, 2019 10:01 AM
2D Artist / Designer
Munich, Germany
Full Time
3 - 5 years experience
Hi,we are looking for a talented 2D Artist, who is able to create images of fantasy equipment for our project.Primary we would need a collection of fantasy **swords **and **bows (10-12 Sprites each) that will be used for the Item...
2D Art
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Mar 3, 2018 2:16 AM
Swordbreaker in Action
Adventurer took a paper bundle out of his coat. It was the very same map that the man in the tavern gave him. That map depicted a castle and marked a path to the treasury hidden behind its walls. They say this treasury contains...
Dec 15, 2018 11:51 AM
Sword & Fortune
Sword & Fortune - pixel art platformer
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Nov 22, 2016 6:46 AM
Game of Pins
Tap to throw the pin towards the circle. Worked on this project while working as Software Engineer at Binex Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. - Worked solely in the prototype of the game in Unity3D and C# - Designed and implemented a robust...