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Dankmin - Programmer
I am an Indie Game Developer that has a pretty good fan base on his Entertainment Facebook Page( and that allows me to make...
Black River Studios
Game Studio - Other
Creators of Finding Monsters, Rock & Rails and Angest, based in Manaus, Brazil.
Stanislav Revo
Developer - Programmer
I'm hobbyist developer.
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Full Stack Engineer
San Francisco, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
Unity powers over half of all the world’s games and over two thirds of the world’s VR and AR products. We put the most powerful creative tools in the hands of millions of developers and artists through our foundational principle...View Detail
Unity Technologies
Nov 27, 2019
QA Student Worker
Framingham, United States
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
We want you to join our quality assurance team to help support our thousands of customers who use Unity. You will connect with the Product Management, Customer Success, and QA teams to ensure timely, polite and accurate responses ...View Detail
Dino Programmer
Nov 26, 2019
Build Street Fighter Style Game for Mobile
California, United States
3 - 5 years experience
I’m looking for someone to build me a full game cycle of a game similar to street fighter, with two modes: user against AI character, User vs User (search by user ID)They’ll allow user to pick a character out of 5. We’ll export...View Detail
Stylizer Extended
Ultimate Fighting Engine
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Rodrigo Abreu
Nov 29, 2019
How to get started with game development in Unity and C#?
How to get started with game development in Unity and C#?
Start bringing your vision to life today. Unity’s real-time 3D development platform empowers you with all you need to create your games
Nov 18, 2019
The Relative Worlds: Craftar Studios 借助 Unity 实时 3D 探索新的创意世界
The Relative Worlds: Craftar Studios 借助 Unity 实时 3D 探索新的创意世界
Oct 16, 2019
Steam推出新“Remote Play Together”功能,让玩家能在线游玩单机游戏多人模式
Steam推出新“Remote Play Together”功能,让玩家能在线游玩单机游戏多人模式
Steam即将推出一个新的“Remote Play Together”功能,将单机游戏的多人模式连到网络上。可能对玩家来说最大的好处,可能就像以前的游戏机一样,是可以玩朋友有的游戏。
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Asset Store
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Channel for all Asset Store related discussion: Promote your assets, help with assets, or talk with publishers.Use this channel to promote and discuss free and commercial assets for use with Unity. These can be anything from scripts to plugins to complete projects. Assets must be available on the Asset Store and usable in a project, so please keep incomplete items in the Works in Progress section. Promotions and feedback requests for assets available from the Unity asset store are welcome. Feel free to use this channel to ask for recommendations on assets for your project.
Getting Started
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Getting started with Unity? This is the place for you! Chat with other devCheck out the Learn website and Live Training for some useful tutorials to get yourself started with Unity.