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Skybox Master
Artist - Artist
We are a group of game enthusiasts who have passion for digital art. We primarily work on skies or skyboxes as they are called and are focused on...
Beren Kusmenoglu
Gameplay Engineer - Programmer
Gameplay Engineer at Ultra Creative Games, previously Gameplay Engineer at SkyBox Labs.
SkyBox Labs
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Faith Tendra
Apr 8, 2019
3D real Time Room lighting
United States - United Kingdom - England, United Kingdom - Canada
3 - 5 years experience
We need someone to light this room within unitys engine to give it a more cinematic and warm look to it. think of like a Pixar based lighting,  we would also like a skybox that changes as time goes on slowly, if this can be done b...View Detail
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Luigi D'introno
Jan 31, 2019
Skybox AR
Skybox AR
Skybox AR combines visual graphics, Augmented Reality and the magic of storytelling to create immersive environments to help us enjoy and have an interactive learning experience at museums.
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Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox介绍
Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox介绍
Azure[Sky] Dynamic Skybox是一款基于物理着色的动态天空模拟系统,可以非常方便地在Unity中实现基于真实时间的天空循环。
mattia bonelli
Feb 19, 2018
Alien planet advanced pack