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Sven Paroth
Freelancer - Programmer
I'm a Unity Developer with over 9 years of experience. Most of my projects have been for mobile devices with some on PC. Unity has been my choice of...
Timoni West
Head of Authoring Tools, Labs - Manager
I lead the immersive Authoring Tools group in Unity Labs, managing a team of cross-disciplinary artists and engineers. My group explores how humans...
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Nov 16, 2018
Localized Text with Scriptable Objects.
Localized Text with Scriptable Objects.
A quick tutorial on an intuitive way to localize your texts.
Martin Gonzalez
Mar 4, 2019
Unity Tips: Scriptable Objects
Unity Tips: Scriptable Objects
If you are new to Unity or have not yet come to know Scriptable Objects, you are in the right place!
Property Inspector