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Russian Fluff
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Dmitry Ekimov
voidnull - Programmer
Born 14.02.1995 in Kazakhstan. Since childhood he was fond of technique. In particular, I was attracted to the creation of computer games and...
Mikhail Konstantinou
Game Developer - Programmer
Since the age of 12 I developed a passion for creating games. After a few years, this passion became my dream. In 2014 me and my team finished 2nd in...
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Jan 18, 2017 5:37 PM
Unity/C# programmer
Moscow, Russia
Full Time
3 - 5 years experience
KamaGames Studio has been creating games since 2010 and has been a global trend-setter in the Social Casino genre on mobile platforms. Our products numbered among the top grossing and most downloaded apps on the App Store and...
Aug 22, 2018 9:00 AM
Associate Account Manager - Demand
London, United Kingdom
Full Time
0 - 2 years experience
Unity Technologies provides a growing number of services to our customers as an end-to-end solution for game development and monetization.As an Associate Account Manager for the Unity Ads team you’ll be the primary point of...
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Jan 5, 2018 1:25 PM
Warfare on the border of the Russian Empire is a tense battle for survival – can your squad weather the storm of battle? Tannenberg is the latest entry in the WW1 Game Series that started with FPS Verdun, expanding the focus to...
Sep 30, 2017 2:51 PM
Russian military Tanks
This is a package containing 29 prefabs Vehicles included: BTR 70, BTR 152, MAZ 537, T90, GAZ Tiger The models are very well optimized All the rotating parts are hinged properly Tank tracks are rigged, so that they support...
Mar 1, 2016 5:04 PM
How we revived a good old Russian adventure game
How we revived a good old Russian adventure game
How we revived a good old Russian adventure game