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Awesome Assets For Game Developers - Designer is an independent Russia based company which is in the business of slinging super high quality ready-to-use video game assets.
KaKTwoC - Programmer
Hi, i am from Russia
Panteleymonov - Owner
I'm indie game developer from Russia.
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Aliaksei Pashkel
Feb 24, 2017
Ford Fiesta VR
Daylights Games
Aug 19, 2019
USSR 2021
Storyline: The game in the genre of survival in an open world, fantasy, shooter with elements of horror with a first-person view. The games plot begins in 1987 in the USSR, when an unknown object falls on the territory of Siberia. Object does not cause serious damage, but after a fall within a radius of 50 kilometers from the epicenter, any connection with all...
Viktor Ryazanov
Aug 19, 2019
3D model for video games " Russian CHURCH - TEMPLE " VR / AR / low-poly