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Timothee Rabaud
Producer - Producer
Game enthusiast ! I've been working on games and mobile apps for 3 years. I first started as a sound designer and always wanted to make my own games....
Senior 3D artist - Artist
I'm a video game artist, working in the industry for about 15 years. I've worked on games like littlebigplanet 1 and 2, Resident evil 7 and now...
Nate Fowler
Game Designer - Designer
I’m originally from upstate New York, but currently living near Baltimore, MD. I studied game design at Champlain College in Vermont, lived in...
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8 Results
Miguel Rivera
May 6, 2017
Spencer Mansion Hall
May 21, 2019
Resident Evil RE(7)make
Resident Evil RE(7)make is a fan recreation in full 3D of the original Resident evil but in first person. - This version includes story mode and mercenaries mode. The mansion contains new rooms and new puzles Story mode contains some riddles and an end. Mercenaries mode contains 4 maps (You have to make more than 20k, 2nd map 50k and 3rd map 100k points to unlock the...
Dec 15, 2018
Resident Evil Outbreak Remake
Projeto Fãn Resident Evil Outbreak Remake